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Holo Splatter Nail Art

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I did some holo splatter nail art for a nail art challenge prompt a few weeks ago. I realized that while I love the challenge prompts for mani ideas, I can't ever manage to post on the day they are due. So you guys get to see them now. Check below for more pics and a tutorial.



I started with a base of Orly Goth, a black creme with silver shimmer. Then I used the splatter nail art technique to blow blobs of holo polish onto my nails. It was extremely messy and I immediately regretted it. It did look super pretty though. The holos are most of the Cupcake Polish American Beauty collection.

Video Tutorial

After some thought, I went back and recorded the shortest tutorial in the world. I was having so many technical issues that all you get to see is my blowing the colors on. I also stopped recording after the 3rd color get the point. It's hard to record this type of tutorial with my current equipment so I didn't feel the need to go out of my way and re-invent the wheel. Sloppy Swatches has a great tutorial she did for her Blood Splatter Nails so feel free to check it out. For shiggles, the tutorial is below, I used Sally Hansen Black Out as the base for the recreation.


I actually won the Cupcakes in a giveaway and I purchased Orly Goth myself.

11 comments on "Holo Splatter Nail Art"
  1. Looks beautiful. I've tried splatter nails with a straw and I found it hard to blow the polish. So I tried again with a toothbrush and acrylic paint. Messy but was much easier x

  2. That's great but I dont like the idea of splatter nails. It looks like waisting of polish to me. I really prefer to apply like that with sponge, the result is quite identical I think.

  3. Nice to see so many holos in one mani!

  4. Splatter nails can be such a pain but the final result can be so much fun! You're turned out really great! I've only done this technique once and I don't know if I'll do it again because of the mess lol.

  5. Love all those holos together!! Great mani Nadia!

  6. Love all those holos together!! Great mani Nadia!

  7. I love splatter nails and these do not disappoint!

  8. This is so cheerful. I haven't tried one yet because I can't handle messes!

  9. Definitely going to have to try this out thanks to your video. I don't think I have ever done splatter nails before.

  10. Splatter nails are so fun! I hate the mess but love the result! And Holo! **)

  11. They look great! Haven't tried the splatter nails before! they look like fun!


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