Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Neon Holo Roses Nail Art Tutorial


I belong to an amazing group of women that come together to talk about their love of nail polish and nail art. Our founding member recently and unexpectedly passed so we got together to do nails in her honor. The themes where Floral or Pigs since those are things she loved. For my manicure, I decided to use some products that were made by two ladies in the group, Shinespark Polish and M Polish, stamped with roses from UberChic 1-02. There's a video tutorial and macro shot below.

Video Tutorial



I started by painting my nails white, then created a gradient with Shinespark Polish Rainbow Chaser (orange), Ballerina Bunny (pink), and Max Splash (purple). I topped it with 1 coat of Moondust Holo, also from Shinespark Polish. After it was dry, I stamped with M Polish Cayuga, using a rose image from UberChic Beauty stamping plate 1-02.

I originally received the Shinespark Polishes as press samples, the other products I purchased myself.


  1. Gorgeous mani, so sorry to hear about your friend

  2. Beautiful tribute mani. It's perfect.

  3. That's pretty, the holo makes it perfect!

  4. Saw this on Facebook and I absolutely love the look. Especially the gradient!

  5. Your gradient is spectacular! So sorry to hear about your friend.

  6. Beautiful tribute! Everything about this mani is perfection!


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