Saturday, March 25, 2017

Moonflower Polish - LE Polishes March 2017 - Swatches

Today I have some ultra LE polishes from Moonflower Polish. Story goes...these are essentially oops batches to which I have added extra stuff. I only have a small amount of them because I make my polishes in 5-8 oz batches. One of them I can technically make another 10 oz batch of it, but the other I can't cause I didn't write it down. Basically, if you like them, you need to get them now!

Luna Azul

Shade - Samsung Galazy S6
Indirect Sunlight - Samsung Galaxy S6
Direct Sunlight - Samsung Galaxy S6
Direct Sunlight -Samsung Galaxy S6 Macro
Direct Sunlight - Samsung Galaxy S6 Macro
Swatch Stick - Ottlite Bulb - Nikon S700 Macro
Swatch Stick - Ottlite Bulb - Nikon S700 Macro
Luna Azul started off as an oops batch of "Azul". I added a green-yellow-purple-blue multichrome shimmer and a hint of scattered holographic shimmer. It can be worn as regular polish, but it will be on the thicker side. Price is $12, full size (15ml) only. I can *not* remake this one.

Perla Negra

Ottlite - Nikon S7000 Macro
Shade - Samsung Galaxy S6
Shade - Samsung Galaxy S6
Ottlite - Nikon S7000 Macro
Bottle shot in the shade to show the dominant purple-blue shift.
Perla Negra started off as a batch for Noche, which ended up with too much of one ingredient, so I added more stuff. It's now a black base with silver and subtle blue-purple-green color shifting multichrome shimmers. Price is $10, full size (15ml) only. I *can* make another batch of this one if there's interest.

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 Disclaimer: Moonflower Polish are handmade by me.

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