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Mama Hearts Polish NPR - Weight Loss #1

Welcome to my 1st post in a series about my struggles to lose weight! I've been meaning to expand my blog topics for a while but other than a previous post on Overtone conditioners, I never got around to it. This will be a long post! Read on for more more.

Some background history
I've been told by my doctor that I need to lose weight. This isn't exactly a surprise since I've been struggling to do so for years now. It's been a very frustrating experience and I'm hoping that by writing about it I can keep myself accountable, similar to how I managed to stop biting my nails.

First, some background. I'm super short and petite at 4'11". I used to be mistaken for a teenager until way into my late 20s, I was just always very small. I'm not going to post pics of myself 10 years ago cause I'm too lazy to look them up but back when I got married...12.. (yes, I had to do the math) years ago I weighted 104 lbs. I had been kickboxing at a martial arts studio for about 2 years by then (when I started there I was 112llbs) but I moved to another city when I got married, I was finishing college, I was on birth control, and on anxiety meds. I still worked out at home but mainly due to the BC, I gained 15lbs.

I got a bike, I lost 5lbs, then I got pregnant. I gained an appropriate amount of weight, pregnancy stuff happened, had a baby, didn't breastfeed, was about 155lbs 3 months post-partum. And that started a 4 year long process of working out every day at home and restricting my diet until I was 125lbs or so in 2011. Then I got pregnant again. Gained some more weight, had that baby, did breastfeed him and lost it all. I was 127lbs the summer of 2013.

Then the weight started creeping back up. 2013 was an awful year for other reasons, and my anxiety and depression returned full force. And if you knew why, you'd say it was totally understandable. But the point is, I was starting to stress eat and comfort myself with food. My husband is a type 1 diabetic, so it's not like we have a ton of sugary stuff around the house, but I was definitely eating too much.

When we moved to Florida in the summer of 2016 I was at 138lbs. A year later I was 148, then a couple of months I was back in the 150 range. In December 2016 I got a new bike, it was a cheap one from Walmart, but I was desperate. I got a bike trailer for my then 3 year old to ride in and we would bike to the playground everyday. I was still breastfeeding him and then in August 2016 I stopped cause he was 4...and I mean...that's long enough. That basically brings us to the present.

bike trailer to haul around a heavy pre-schooler

Where I am now in terms of weight loss efforts

Despite riding my bike practically everyday for at least 30 mins, I kept gaining weight. Doctor had my thyroid checked and it was fine. I do have a small goiter and so far it's also fine, as in, there have been no changes since we noticed it last year. I have long had the suspicion that there's still something wrong, since my mom and sister have thyroid issues but the tests say otherwise. In the meantime, I know I really have to try and control my eating and that's my main source of frustration at the moment. For the most part I eat a low carb/high protein diet with lots of veggies and fruits. A this point, I feel that it's the treats or cheats (like a teeny bit of ice cream or an occasional Oreo or a slice of pizza) that are my downfall. I feel like since I'm naturally a small person, that I'm eating way too many calories and that even something as small as 1 cookie can undo my progress.

In terms of exercise, I have a new bike now. In January we splurged and got me a fancy one. It's an Uptown 7 by Breezer, basically a commuter bike and it should last me forever. I wanted a bike that was lighter and faster than the cheap walmart mountain bike, with way better tires, but also sturdy enough to haul the trailer everyday.

We are a 1 car family right now and up till then I rode my bike to take my son to pre-school every single day. Now my hubs has his own fancy bike and we actually rarely use the car. (Yay for suburbia and living 5 miles away from his job and 1 mile away from the school/post office/doctor/etc). It's not a racing bike or a road bike, so it's not designed for speed, but for durability and long term use.

Me today, my mirror is dirty..and yes, that is my living room...there's a giant mirrored wall in my living room. (And yes, my hair is still blue, you just can't see it very well from this angle cause roots need to be touched up).

Right now, I ride my bike 30-40mins a day, about 6 miles. In addition to that, I do some weight training and pilates using workout videos for another 30 mins. The hubs got me a subscription to Beach Body On Demand for my birthday and I'm currently doing the 21 Day Fix. My end goal is to do P90X. I've been doing the cycling/weight training thing for about 6 weeks and I weight exactly the same. I have better endurance, my asthma is better, I'm sleeping better but I'm still over 150lbs. I have lost zero pounds since my doctor saw me in January. I have a physical in June and I'm honestly stressed out so much about it.

Lastly, I received a FitBit for Mother's Day. It's the Charge 2, which I had really wanted. I suck at keeping up with the daily step counts, since my main form of exercise is the bike. The Charge 2 does track my bike rides and adds them to my overall calories burned though, so I'm happy with it. Unfortunately, I've been tracking my food this past week and it definitely confirms that I am eating way too many calories right now. I'm at around 1300 on a good day, 1500-1800 on cheat days. I only burn around 2000 on average, including exercise. I'm guessing my metabolism slowed way down after I stopped breastfeeding. I know that's the only reason I had gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 2013, as my son started the very slow weaning process, in combination to the stress I was under culminating with the move to FL, the pounds started packing on. And when I stopped breastfeeding all together, it's just slowed down to a crawl.

At this point, I'm kinda at a loss. I'll continue to write about any updates or changes but I guess my main goals right now are to eat better while eating less, and somehow rev up my metabolism again...I don't know if that's even possible.

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  1. I've come to the conclusion that us smaller women will always struggle for the basic problem that our small bodies don't consume many calories at rest, and it can be really hard to eat a balanced diet on as little as we can eat. It doesn't help that everyone else around us can scarf down 2000 or more calories a day and meals tend to be portioned thus. I can only eat 1400 calories a day with exercise or I gain weight. I am at about 125 right now but my waist is around 33 inches (with my hips only 36) and my cholesterol and triglycerides are at the average for a 60 year old obese man. I really need to get back into serious daily exercise as I feel like crap. Already I am a bike-only commuter. I feel your pain!


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