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State of my Nails & May Polish Hauls

Thursday, May 22, 2014
Today I have a State of my Nails update plus I'm excited to show off my latest hauls. I have lots more colors to swatch and begin making nail art with! Up first, my natural nails.

mamaheartspolish-state of my nails-may 22-short-natural-nails-bitting

Much better than last time, a little more even on the sides. I'm keeping them short until the sides are all even. To be honest, it's taking a while to get used to longer nails, they start to feel weird and I end up filing them down a bit.

And now the nail polish hauls!


The 1st are cheap Walgreens buys with some birthday money. Sinful Color's Pinky Glitter, Dream On, and Unicorn and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's Vigorous Violet.  The 2nd row I found at TJ Maxx, not new colors at all but they are new to me and most importantly, so cheap! OPI's are Can't Let Me Go and Sprung. The Orly's are Masked Ceremony, Lavish Bash, and High On Hope. The last ones where completely free! My sis had a bunch of Essie's she didn't want anymore so I took these home. Sexy Divide, Midnight Cami, Licorice, and Over the Top.

And then this week I found these: 

The Essies are from the 2014 Neon Collection, I'm Addicted (blue) and Sittin' Pretty (lavender). Sinful Color's Mint Apple. These I found at Burlingtons: Bottom left corner is OPI's Black Shatter and Tiffany Case (Liquid Sand). The China Glaze are Sparks Will Fly, Strap On Your Moonboots, and Blue Year's Eve. 

Normally I only buy 1-2 polishes every few months but these where so cheap that I couldn't resist. I didn't know my local TJ Maxx and Burlingtons had so many polishes.
7 comments on "State of my Nails & May Polish Hauls"
  1. Great haul! I've been eyeing Strap On Your Moonboots for some time. Need to head to Sally's today I think.

    1. I found it at Burlingtons in a 3-pack for $7.99.

  2. Your nails look wonderful and healthy. Congrats on moving past biting! Any habit is hard to break. You'll get used to the feeling of longer nails and let them grow out, just give it time. :)

    Nice polish haul. Free is great, isn't it? :D For great polish deals, go to your local Sally Beauty Supply and get a Beauty Club Card. It is five dollars to join, and they give you a five dollars off a future purchase coupon. In addition, every time you spend twenty-five dollars in one month, (not hard to do! LOL) they send you a 15% off reward that you can use the next month. And you can stack that with additional coupons that you can find online. Sally's frequently has really good polish sales, clearance and half off on clearance specials for Beauty Club members so that five dollar yearly investment MORE than pays for it's self. Plus they carry acetone, remover, cotton rounds, cuticle pushers, Seche Vite and so on that you can pick up at lower prices with your club card. :)

  3. Anonymous5/25/2014

    Such beautiful polishes! I love getting good deals, I seriously get a "high" from it! LOL. Your nails are looking really lovely as well! :)

    1. Thank you! One does get a high, which is why I have no problem describing myself as a nail polish collector/addict.

  4. Anonymous5/27/2014

    Congratulations on your nails!!!!! They are looking great!!! Very nice haul too! I have Orly High on Hope and have yet to wear it!!! I do admire it from the bottle though when I see it ;-) Yay for free polish!!!


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