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Distressed Nails with China Glaze Off Shore Collection

Sunday, June 22, 2014
Distressed Nails using colors from China Glaze Off Shore
Distressed Nails Collage
Today I have some more nail art. Distressed or dry-brush nails using 3 colors from the China Glaze Off Shore collection. This was for the BHB Nail Club's weekly challenges. It's super easy to do and requires no extra tools. This is the tutorial I used: Chalkboard Nails Distressed Nail Tutorial. It's got pictures and a video for the nail art newbies like me. I softened it up a little with a top coat of Essie's Pure Pearlfection and then I Fairy Dusted it.

This is what they looked like as I worked on them:

Here are the colors:

Distressed Nails nail art with China Glaze Feel the Breeze
Feel The Breeze
Dry brush nail art with china laze be more pacific
Be More Pacific
Dry brush nail art with china glaze if in doubt surf it out
If In Doubt, Surf It Out

The pink is Feel the Breeze, green is Be More Pacific, and orange is If In Doubt, Surf It Out. I'm not sure if these are meant to be neons, because these particular ones are more pastel neon. There are other colors in the collection that are more bright/neon-ish though. I really like these 3 together though, I think they are perfect summer colors.
4 comments on "Distressed Nails with China Glaze Off Shore Collection"
  1. love the pastel colors you used for this! I'm also amazed how much smoother it is after topcoat! I haven't tried this yet but I really should sometime :)

  2. Essie's Pure Pearlfection smudged the design, but it worked out great in this case, because it blended everything together nicely.


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