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Essie - I'm Addicted Swatch

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Essie's I'm Addicted from the 2014 Neon Collection
A collage of my shots of Essie - I'm Addicted

Today I have swatches of Essie's I'm Addicted, a blue neon from their 2014 Neon Collection. Essie calls this a neon aquamarine blue. Now I'm gonna be honest with you, I wouldn't say it's a true neon at all. It is however a very bright blue and I absolutely love it. I have a bunch of pictures to show you.

The formula is a little tricky. This is 3 coats, because the 2nd coat was still somewhat uneven. I topped it off with NYC's Grand Central Station, which is quickly becoming my favorite since I keep having issues with Seche Vite. After I was done I noticed it also perfectly matched some things I own, like my kids' marker and my favorite new shoes.

Essie I'm Addicted 2014 Neon Collection Swatch

Essie I'm Addicted 2014 Neon Collection


I even have pics of my right hand!


And my shoes!

Essie I'm Addicted 2014 Neon Collection matches shoes
Matches my shoes!

The Markers!

Matches the marker!

Essie I'm Addicted 2014 Neon Collection Swatch Marker

7 comments on "Essie - I'm Addicted Swatch"
  1. I love this shade of blue especially for summer. I agree I don't think it is neon either but it's still very bright and pretty :)

  2. Such a pretty blue! Great colour for summer.

  3. Anonymous6/16/2014

    This blue looks gorgeous on you! ~Jessica

  4. Love these pics and that color is perfect with your skin! :)


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