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HePicksMyPolish July Challenge - Dots

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Essie Lollipop
Hello readers! I'm doing much better, my shoulder is still sore but my back doesn't hurt as much and the burn is now a reddish, bumpy area on my neck. This week it's HePicksMyPolish week! It's a great challenge where you have a "he" in your life pick out some colors and you have to make a design with whatever they choose. This is my 1st time actively participating even though I attempted something last month. The colors my husband picked were so awful that I just kept getting frustrated and angry. The colors themselves were ok, but they all had such different formulas and I had very limited nail art supplies that all my ideas were massive fails. Alas, now I have more supplies and I told him to try to stick to one section of the stash (cause I have them sorted by brand) so it would be easier on me. Maybe when I'm better at nail art I'll let him pick from wherever.

Essie BBF Best Boyfriend

He chose three Essie cremes this time, BBF Best Boyfriend (swatch here), Lollipop, and Turquoise and Caicos. BBF Best Boyfriend is my go to sheer nude so I figured it would be a great base for anything, I went with dots to keep it simple and to try out my brand new dotting tools.

Turquoise and Caicos
It was fun and so easy to do! I did both hands and wore it for a couple of days. I love Essie cremes, I know a lot of people hate the formula but it works for me. So what do you think? This challenge is open to everyone, there's a Facebook Group (HePicksMyPolish) that you can join or just use the hashtag #hepicksmypolish on Instagram.

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