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Pink Nail Art - Life In Lacquer July Challenge

Monday, July 7, 2014
Hard Candy Piece of Papaya

Today's prompt for Life in Lacquer's July Challenge is pink. I used China Glaze Feel the Breeze as a base with some Hard Candy Piece of Papaya accents. Due to the challenge I won't be posting my usual PAA Mani Monday or BHB Nails pic. Look for those sometime later on during the week.

Pink nail art with Hard Candy - Piece of Papaya and China Glaze Feel the Breeze

China Glaze Feel the Breeze Swatch

My base is China Glaze Feel the Breeze from the Off Shore collection. I already used this color in my Distressed Nails but not on it's own so it was the perfect time to swatch it. This color is really hard to capture on camera accurately. It's a true bright pink neon, I'm talking highlighter pink. It looks like a pretty pale pink in the pictures but in actuality it looks more as if I had applied LiquidPaper on my nails and then used a highlighter to color them....o.O What? Was I the only weirdo who used to do that back in the 90s as a kid?....

China Glaze Feel the Breeze Sunlight Swatch

Anyways, the formula on these is awesome! Might be the best neon I've used, super smooth and great coverage in 2 coats, no streaks or weird drying issues. It does dry matte like neons are supposed to but it's subtle. I put on one coat of my NYC Grand Central Sation/Seche Vite mix as topcoat.

feel the breeze by china glaze swatch from the off shore collection

This is the most color accurate photo, although it makes my fingers have a blue-green-ish hue to them.

Some more sunlight pics.

And finally, here are the pictures with the Hard Candy Piece of Papaya accents.

I also used Glam My Mani stripe nail vinyls for the1st time.

Fun fact: This post was written under the influence of Benadryl! So I'm super drowsy and slow as I type, please let me know if there are any typos or weird grammar or anything. Summer is bad for my allergies.

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