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Some News and an Untried Polish

Friday, July 18, 2014
Hello readers, happy Friday! I've been MIA all week and the reason behind it is upsetting. This will be long and personal, if you just want to see the pretty polish then scroll to the bottom or check it out on my Instagram here.

Monday morning my Squish was fussy and not settling down for his nap so I thought I would take a car ride to see if it would help. I drove over to my local TJ Maxx to look at their nail polish selection (it was dismal) and to try on some pants I needed. After some thinking I decided to leave the pants since I did not love them, so I put the Squish in his car seat, buckled up, pulled out of the parking lot and aligned myself at the exit, waiting at the red light so I could then turn into a mayor avenue. You can see where this is going.

The light turned green, I waited a few seconds and then started to cross the intersection. The car next to me started to honk his horn and slowed down, I quickly glanced over and thought "hmm...that's odd" and as I turned to face the front I saw why. Another car was coming down the avenue really fast and I only had a few seconds to try and speed up to see if I could avoid being hit, then realization that I'm not going to make it, I see the car's bumper coming straight at me and I think "oh no!" and tense up in preparation for the impact because unfortunately, I've been there, done that, in regards to bad car crashes. My car is hit on the driver's side and spins until ending up in the opposite lane I had been on (as if I had been going to left turn into the mall instead of leaving it).

Car (Ford Fiesta 2011)  smashed in side door and air bags.

Everything is now hazy and in slow mo, my glasses have been knocked off my face and I see smoke. My neck is burning and my left shoulder and back are in pain. As the ringing in my ears clears I notice that Squish is crying intensely in the background. I find my glasses and thank God they aren't broken at all and turn around to look at Squish. He's crying but still strapped onto his car seat and seems ok, other than the fact that the seat is sideways. I notice people are stopping and starting to come over. I turn around and unbuckle him and put him in my lap while I search for my phone in my purse. I quickly call my husband and mumble what happened and where I am as strangers are knocking on the glass and trying to open the door. Squish is sobbing and heaving and I can't reach his pacifier which is somewhere in the back seat. I turn the car off and unlock the doors and realize the smoke had been from the airbags on my seat and on the side panel of the car doors that went off. An older gentleman helps me out and I sit in his SUV while he calls an ambulance.

The other driver comes over, she's a woman in her 30s, very worried and immediately apologizes. She says she didn't notice the light was red until it was too late and she tried to slow down. Her passenger is hurt, she bumped her head against the dashboard of their car and is bleeding. The paramedics check us out and ask if we want to go to the ER. I say I think I'm fine, I'm trying to stay calm for Squish but I'm shaking and my back and neck feel like they are on fire. They urge me to go to the ER later, especially to get the baby checked out. My husband arrives and gets the pacifier out of the car, Squish is now calm, I'm shaking and my head is throbbing.

DH holds Squish to calm him down while I asses the damage. I was coming from the opposite direction the car is facing.

Now we begin the process of waiting for a cop to take our statements, it has to be a highway patrol officer they say so the paramedics and all the other cops that stopped leave and we wait and wait and wait. Hours later, he arrives. My husband coordinates with our insurance while we wait and arranges to have the car picked up, my mom shows up with my daughter (they had been doing errands nearby, thank God Princess A was with her that day), and brings us lunch.

Keeping Squish occupied while we wait for cops.

After everything is said and done I can finally go to the ER, everything is starting to hurt but it's still manageable, other than the fact that I can't breathe. At the ER, Squish is checked out fast, gets a ton of x-rays and everything looks ok except for some muscle stiffness in his neck. I haven no broken bones either, just muscles spasm, a cut on my back with some burns, and a nasty friction burn from the seat belt across my neck and upper left chest. This makes breastfeeding somewhat uncomfortable. It turns out that I'm having as asthma attack so they give me meds for that, a gel to slather on the burn, and instructions to take Advil.

The burn, not so bad at the moment although it was already painful. Scroll to the bottom for a link to see the current look, it's not pretty.

And that's it. Tuesday and Wednesday where more painful than the day off, yesterday and today are not that awful. I'm really sore and the burn hurts like hell but I'm alive, Squish is alive and the car is fixable and the insurance is ok. I had painted my nails on Sunday so I was also glad I just picked the polish off and my nails survived the ordeal intact, cause trust me, my anxiety was and is at an all time high. I love nail polish therapy, so I took the time to paint them again with an untried color I had recently gotten in the mail.


This is Cloud Burst from Reverie Nail Lacquer (formerly Two Gypsies). It's a lovely pale grey with small scattered holographic shimmer. I love scattered holos, I'm not a huge fan of in your face rainbow linear holo polishes.



This is almost a perfect neutral gray with just that little bit extra to make it pop. I love this color but I did have minor formula issues, it's a thick crelly so it's not very opaque. My first attempt at 3 thin coats still showed visible nail line and I had to take it off after it smudged when the Squish woke up from his nap before it was dry. I re-did it with 2 thick coats instead and it was much better. I added a few drops of thinner later because I prefer my polish on the well...thinner side. Yeah...anyway.


It's a gorgeous color and I love how it looks in the sunlight. I feel like crap but at least my nails are pretty. :-)

Lastly, I have a picture of what my burn looks like currently, I left it for last because it's a little nasty, it's peeling and bleeding occasionally. If you want to see and don't mind icky wound pics, then click here. Otherwise that it's it. I hope to be able to catch up with swatching and challenges in the next few days.

8 comments on "Some News and an Untried Polish"
  1. Ouch! That looks awful (your seat-belt burn). I'm so glad you guys are OK!

  2. Oh man want an ordeal to go through! Glad you are okay and hope you are out of pain soon!

  3. Oh wow so scary! Glad you're ok though.

  4. OMGoodness I am so glad you're ok!! New follower by the way from the FB Polish-aholics fb group :)

  5. Anonymous7/20/2014

    Oh mama! I'm so glad that you are okay and that your child is okay!! What a scary thing for a mama to go through. Many many internet hugs! <3

  6. Thank you all for the lovely words and support! <3


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