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Breaking the Biting Habit August

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Today I have a Breaking the Biting Habit August update. In addition to the regular update I also have some pictures to show what my nail care routine is. Let's start with the update.

left hand

At the beginning of the month things where going so well. I had a few breaks on the corners of my index, middle and pinky fingers.

right hand

Both hands were doing ok but I keep having breaks on the corners.

This is my ring finger on the right hand. In addition to some minor peeling, the corners will start to split right where the free edge starts. It's the main reason why I can never get them to grow past a certain length. I'm not sure what's causing this but I've stopped using Orly Defense just in case it's due to the hardeners causing my nails to get too brittle. I still use it just not every day (the instructions say to use every 3-4 days anyway).

Here's what I'm doing this week.

This is my left hand this morning. I had filed them a bit two days ago due to some more splits. You can see my index is starting to peel at the free edge. I took my Sephora glass file and gently filing in one direction I smooth out the free edge, then I round the corners, using my fingertips as visual guides. After that I apply cuticle remover and gently push them back with an orangewood stick. I carefully snip the small hangnails or excess cuticle if any.

I hold out my hand like this when filing, you can see how my nails are rounded like my fingertips. It's not my preferred shape but I don't know what else to do to stop them from breaking so much. Once I'm done with the cuticles, I will wipe them clean with nail polish remover and put on my base coat/nail treatment.

All done! I'm now trying Orly Nailtrition because it has some moisturizers and is formulated for growing weak nails. I've been using it for about a week. Normally, I would follow this with 2-3 coats of polish and quick dry top coat, finishing with cuticle oil. If I'm leaving my nails naked, then I just put the cuticle oil on top once the treatment is dry.

Here's my right hand, in my case, also my Cinderella hand. I over snipped the hangnails on my middle and index finger and it looks awful. So always resist the urge to cut, it only looks good for a moment and then your skin starts to peel and get flaky and just way worse. Don't overdo it. Compare the two hands and see which one looks better, left hand with just pushing them back and minor trimming of hangnails or the right with over trimming of hangnails and cuticles?

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