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Elemental Nail Art

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Today I have some elemental themed bubble nail art for you. This was the theme of a Polishaholics Anonymous Facebook group ManiMonday challenge a few weeks ago that I never got around to finishing on time. I really love the theme though so I went ahead and did the mani. The theme is the 4 elements, water, fire, earth, and wind.


My cuticles are awful in these pics, sorry. I had started trying out different things that kept failing and all the acetone from having to start over really dried them up. I used what I call the "Bubble Mani" technique. Honestly, I've it under different names but I like Bubble Mani the best so that's what I'm calling it. You start by making dots with watered down acrylic paint and then take a brush and gently touch them, absorbing the excess water. What you have left looks like a bubble sorta. Here are several You Tube videos that show the technique. Bubble Nail Art by lovelynailsxx, Bubble Nail Art by Ohmygoshpolish (this one is a little different but the end result is similar), Bubble Nail Art by IHaveACupcake (this one uses nail polish).


Fun fact: Originally I was going to do Earth...well technically I wanted to do Fire but I realized I didn't have any red acrylics or nail polish, so then I went with Earth. Here's that attempt, it's not awful, I just didn't love it.


Oh and of course, it had to be Fairy Dusted.
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