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Stargazer- Noodles Nail Polish

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Whut?! Two posts from me today? Yup, technically I'm calling this a freebie post since you've seen this polish before for my Lacquer Legion Fandom nails. I'm showing you swatches of the amazing Stargazer by Noodles Nail Polish without nail art.

This is now one of my favorite jelly/glitter polishes and I've worn it a few times. I feel like I did such a bad job with the application the first time that my review wasn't the best due to my inexperience. I really wanted to come back and show you guys what a great polish this is. This is two coats topped with one coat of Gelous for smoothness and then one coat of Wet and Wild's Matte Top Coat.

Just look at it! It's a squishy black jelly that's full of pink glitters and stars and silver microglitters. These glitters all lay flat, there's no curving upwards (like a taco) or pointy star edges sticking out. Ok, so here's why I had application issues the first time, it's really thick. I added some thinner to make it more workable (for my tastes) and gave it a good shake. The 1st coat I dabbed on, making sure I had even coverage and glitter placement, it self-leveled pretty well. Then I applied a very thin 2nd coat and gently rearranged any glitters that I didn't like the placement off. After that I topped it off with one coat of Gelous and once that was dry I added the matte coat. Now I want to matte all the glitters.

That's my attempt at a macro camera fail. I also feel my nails just aren't long enough for a good macro shot. Anyways, you can see the fine silver glitter in this picture plus the depth it has with just two coats and no undie. Like always, I bought this myself and you can get your own at Noodles Nail Polish Etsy Shop.
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