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Summer Daze - Noodles Nail Polish Swatch and Review

Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Hello readers! I'm back, I know I've been lacking in posts these past weeks. If it isn't toddler teething and entering the terrible twos, then it's one tropical storm system or other knocking down power lines and cable/internet service for days. Make sure you're following me on Instagram, because if I can't access my PC to upload, edit pics and post, I will usually snap some "nail of the day" pics and post to Instagram in the meantime. For example, I shared the Mickey Mouse mani I wore for Squish's 2nd birthday there. Anyways, on with today's post.

I needed to wear something for several days because my cutciles were getting really dry from too much acetone use. I asked for ideas on Instagram and one followers suggested a creme base with a glitter topper. I went with Noodles Nail Polish Summer Daze as my topper and picked Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Kelp Yourself as the base. I also did a simple stripped watermarble with Kelp Yourself, Coral Reef, Mellow Yellow (Xtreme Wear line) and Lively Lilac from the Insta-Dri line (swatched here).

It chipped on me after two days so I took a quick pic before I removed it, it's just a tiny chip you can see on my index but I have this overwhelming need to remove nail polish as soon as it chips, otherwise I'll start picking at it with my nails.

The coloring on this pic is a little off, my fingers looked really greenish so I tried to color correct them a bit. Now, let's talk about Summer Daze! I love it, it's a great topper, you need to get a bottle if there are still any left. That's just one coat on those pics, I dabbed it on a gently to get the glitters where I wanted them but you can simple wipe the brush on the bottle edge and paint it on like normal, you'll still get a ton of glitters. It's full of hex and circle glitters of various sizes in coral, purple, blue, and yellow in a clear base. I bought this myself and you can purchase your own bottle over at Noodles Nail Polish's Etsy shop.
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