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Colors of my Island - Mountains

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Today I"m debuting a new monthly feature that I'm very excited about. It's called "Colors of my Island", every month I'll be taking something that I love about my homeland Puerto Rico and showcasing a mani inspired by it. Sometimes you'll see swatches and other times nail art. (There's more after the break!)

For the 1st post I wanted to talk about the thing I think about first when thinking about Puerto Rico, for a lot of folks that might be beaches but for me, it's hands down the mountains.

View of El Yunque as seen from the road.
I live in a valley near the center of the island so I'm always surrounded by mountains and rainforest views. The above pic I snapped on our way to get groceries, you can see the famous Caribbean National Rainforest or "El Yunque" far off in the distance.

This picture was snapped by one of my best friends and it's the view of the valley from her parent's place. I live all the way on the other side, where the mountains are. Right on the edge of "civilization" where the urban landscape starts to change to small country roads and forest. I personally find the mix between urban and jungle very interesting. On my way to my daughter's school the road climbs pretty high up into the mountains, passing many streams and open fields, while being next to malls and suburbs one minute, and dense rainforest the next.

P&P Green Eyes and Stormy Skies - Indoor sunlight

The color I've chosen to represent my mountains is Pretty & Polished Green Eyes and Stormy Skies from their Spring FX line. It's a gorgeous green holographic duochrome that flashes between a bright green to a dusky greyish purple. I have lots of pictures to show you since it changes depending on the angle it's viewed at.

Green Eyes and Stormy Skies - sunlight

Indoors - greyish purple holo shift
Sunlight - you can see the holo rainbow
Indoors with flash to capture the linear holographic rainbow.
Sorry for all the pictures, I had trouble narrowing them down! This polish is excellent, application is smooth and buttery like a creme. I used 2 coats for all the pictures. Believe it or not this is actually going to be discontinued, so if you want one, get it fast. I bought mine from Pretty& Polish's store.

4 comments on "Colors of my Island - Mountains"
  1. Anonymous9/12/2014

    I've always thought of beaches too when I think of Puerto Rico but where I live in the states I live right smack-dab in the mountains so I completely understand why that is a favorite part for you!! The way you describe it and the pictures sounds absolutely amazing!!!! This is an absolutely gorgeous polish. I only have the mini but after seeing your swatches of this, I need the full sized bottle!!

    1. Thank you Dani! I'll have a post featuring beaches later of course.

  2. so lovely shade, looks so sparkly on your nails. I like it very much :)
    I am happy to follow your blog :D


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