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HePicksMyPolish Sept - Peach, Green, and Yellow

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hi guys! It's time for another edition of the He Picks My Polish Nail Art Challenge. This is a fun challenge hosted by Alessandra aka The Sparkle Queen. Anyone can join, you can find the group on Facebook for the Inlinkz code for bloggers or just use the hashtag #hepicksmypolish on Instagram. This month, since he kept forgetting to pick the actual polish, I just texted him at work and asked for 3 colors. He choose peach, green, and yellow. Now, I have a small collection compared to some Polishaholics but'd think that out of 225+ polishes, that I'd have a large variety of yellows, green, and peach to choose from. Well, you'd be wrong. Apparently, most of my collection is blues, teals, purples, pinks, corals, and glitters of various kinds. There's more after the break!

SC Unicorm, Pahlish Nine Names, CG Be More Pacific

So after thinking about it for a few days I settled on Sinful Colors Professional Unicorn, Pahlish Nine Names from the Wood Between the Worlds Collection, and China Glaze Be More Pacific.

Pahlish - Nine Names
Then I struggled some more deciding what to do. I decided to keep it simple, since that's my motto when I'm overwhelmed or have to much other stuff going on to think of an intricate nail design. Princess A has been home sick all week so I needed to do something quick and easy that I knew I wouldn't mess up. I went with some negative space and simple stripes using nail vinyls from

First I put on my base coat and waited for it to dry (except I didn't wait enough time on my ring finger, when I pulled the vinyl up it pulled off part of the base coat and then I had to sorta fix it and so it looks bumpy and odd in the pics but it's not noticeable at all in person). Once the base coat is dry, I applied the vinyls and used a small brush to paint in Nine Names at the bottom and then added Be More Pacific at the top. I quickly pulled of the vinyls and waited for it to dry. Then I free handed the yellow SC Unicorn stripe on top of the green. You can use a second set of vinyls on top of the green to make the yellow stripes as well, but I just winged it.

CG Be More Pacific

Sinful Colors Unicorn

Pahlish - Nine Names
I then applies Pahlish Nine Names to my remaining nails, including as a full mani on my right hand. I love everything that Shannon of Pahlish creates, her formulas are smooth and quick drying, clean up is super easy, no staining with this one. Nine Names is a peach creme with soft red and orange flakes. The base could also be described as a sherbet orange color. China Glaze Be More Pacific I've already used in another nail art mani here. It's a bright pastel green neon from their summer 2014 Off Shore Collection. Sinful Colors Unicorn I've swatched and reviewed here.


This last picture is the most color accurate, notice how the green of Be More Pacific looks a little different in each shot, sometimes more neon, or more yellow, or more pastel. This was taken with natural sunlight, all the other pics where in my light box and with the LED lamp.

Here are the other looks created for this challenge!

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  1. This reminds me of ice cream haha :) yum!! Great job!! I really like the Pahlish polish.


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