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Fall Mosaic Stamping

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hi guys! Today I have some more stamping. Since getting my Messy Mansion soft-med stamping head, it's just become so much easier that I want to stamp all the manis! This is a double technique look that's actually quite easy. I used China Glaze Hey Doll as my base plus a whole bunch of other colors that I thinned and then dried brushed on with a small flat rectangular brush. Click on "read more" for more pics and to see how I did it.

The base of my mani is China Glaze Hey Doll and the accent nail art was based on the dry brush technique using Sinful Colors Professional Courtney Orange (a shimmery red orange), Let's Meet (a bright shimmery yellow) and China Glaze OMG A UFO (olive green linear holographic).

Here's how I did it:
  1. First thing I did is apply some glue around my cuticles to help make clean up easier. It's just regular white school glue that I poured into an empty nail polish bottle.  When you're done, you just peel it off and there's almost nothing left to clean up.
  2. Once that was dry I applied my regular basecoat and two coats of China Glaze Hey Doll to all my nails and then I waited for that to dry to the touch (about 10 minutes or so). 
  3. While waiting, I put a few drops of each polish color into some paper (or whatever work surface you use, old magazines, scrap paper, foil, doesn't matter) and dipped my brush into some acetone and then use that to thin them out a bit. Note that you don't use acetone to thin your actual polish, you use nail polish thinner but since I'm just doing it for some nail art and I don't need it to last for a long time I used the acetone. I check the consistency on the paper and make sure I can create the effect I have in my mind. 
  4. Once my nails where dry, I start taking some of the thinned polish and apply it in the same style of the dry brush technique. Basically, you take a bit of polish, wipe off the excess and randomly drag it across your nail. You keep switching colors until you're satisfied. I used this technique before here.


This is what it looked like when I was done, it had a slight holo flash due to OMG A UFO being a subtle linear holographic polish. Because the polishes are thinned, it''s not going to look exactly like a typical dry brush mani (which is more of a grungy/distressed look) and the colors blend together nicely.

I top coated that and waited for it to dry, about another 10 minutes. Then it was time for stamping!


For the stamping I used Bundle Monster plate 208, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Messy Mansion stamping head in medium-soft (yellow/brown set). I got this plate specifically for that crackle, mosaic, stained glass kinda image and I had not yet been able to get it to work for me until the Messy Mansion stamper, it's been a life saver.

Explaining in detail how to stamp would require it's own blog post and there are several other bloggers who have done it well. Basically, take your polish and place it on the image, then scrape it off (I use an old insurance card, any plastic card will do). Take your stamper and press to the plate, then press it unto your nail and that's it.

Betty's Beauty Bombs and Manic Talons have lots of info on stamping and I like NailStamp4Fun on YouTube as well.


I really like this even though it's not perfect, I had my top coat smear a few of the lines on my ring finger. It reminds me of mosaic tiles.


Sunlight! So pretty, the holo flash in OMG A UFO makes the the accents look so shimmery.  So, what do you guys think of my fall inspired, mosaic, stamping mani?

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