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Pink Glitter and Chevron Nails

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I have some pink nail art for you today. I did these about a month ago but hadn't gotten around to posting them. I had Pretty and Polished's Contents Under Texture sitting in my untried box for a while so I really wanted to do something cute with it. I paired it with China Glaze's Astro-hot and actually sandwiched it between layers of ORLY's Uncharted.

Contents Under Texture is a glitter polish in a pink jelly base, it's got several sizes of circle glitter in varying shades of pink. It's from P&P Summer Fun Fx Collection. I actually won this in a giveaway on their Facebook page. It's a true glitter bomb, just full of glitter so you can't apply it like regular polish. You don't have to fish for anything though. Just dab it on gently, rearrange the glitters on your nail if you want using the tip of the brush. I really like the pink jelly base this has and I wish it was more noticeable. I had originally done one finger with just the glitter but I decided to make a jelly sandwich so it would have that squishy feel.


I put on ORLY Uncharted as a base on middle, ring, and pinky and thumb. Then I added one coat of Contents Under Texture. After that was dry, I added a second coat of Uncharted to my middle and ring finger. Once that was dry, I used single chevron nail vinyls from (which I also won in another giveaway) and layered one coat of CG Astro-hot on top. Everything then got a coat of Gelous to smooth out the bumps. So many layers!

China Glaze Astro-hot

China Glaze Astro-hot is from the Hologlam Collection from 2013. It has a very subtle linear holographic finish that looks frosted/metallic indoors. I really like this one a lot but I couldn't capture it on camera because it's so subtle. There however lots of swatches online in other blogs.

ORLY Uncharted

ORLY Uncharted is a fuchsia shimmer jelly. I got this in a set of HotShots minis and a quick Google search seems to point to this actually being a SpaRitual color, and not an actual ORLY color. I believe both brands are owned by the same parent company. However, my mini bottle clearly has the ORLY logo and says "Uncharted" on the side. It's also interesting to note, for the nail polish collectors out there, that this same HotShots pack includes a "Just Peachy" mini, which is highly sought after even though it's actually the same color as SpaRitual Wilderness. Both Uncharted and Wilderness are part of the SpaRitual Explore collection for Spring 2014. So there's some fun facts for you. It's important to note that even with base coat, this color stained my nails. You can see the stains in my Sept Breaking the Biting Habit post.

Even though I got mine from a giveaway, you can get Contents Under Texture from Pretty and Polished under the "Say Goodbye" tab, so hurry! It's currently on sale. The other colors I got shopping around town and TJ Maxx and Burlingtons.

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