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Half Moon Glitter Nail Art

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hi guys! Today I have some half moon glitter nails that I created using french tip nail vinyls from Glam My Mani; with Pretty & Polished Life is a Bowl of Cranberries, Essie Wicked, and Noodles Nail Polish Autumn Berry. Life is a Bowl of Cranberries is a red-purple duochrome so there's lots of pics after the break!




Pretty & Polished Life is a Bowl of Cranberries is a red to purple color shifting duochrome. Even though this polish actually came out in March as part of the April Beauty Box, I think it's a perfect fall color and I quickly grabbed it when I saw it on a destash sale about a month ago. The weather here in PR has been rainy and cold for a while (although today there was some sun finally!) which is common in the fall/winter months. It's awful for photographing holos but it's the perfect time for wearing duo/multichromes. I don't know why, but there's something about the way the light passes through the clouds that shows off all the colors beautifully, and at once, without you having to move your hand as much.

Since it's a duochrome, under certain lights and angles it can change from a cranberry red to a bluish purple. I've done my best to capture the shift by showing you different angles. Formula wise, it's very thin, you want to do 3 very careful coats to minimize brush strokes. I actually made my coats a little thicker than I normally do, since the polish was so thin, I made sure to not wipe as much of it on the bottle before painting my nails.


The next color I want to show you is Noodles Nail Polish Autumn Berry. I love Noodles Nail Polish glitters, they are some of the best ones I have. This is from the fall collection, it's got a mix of rose, pink, burgundy, and gold circles and hexes of varying sizes in a clear base. Autumn Berry is so jam packed with glitters, that you only need a tiny bit for this half moon nail art. (Note: colors in picture came out a little bluish due to the fact that it was a cloudy day, the burgundy glitters are looking more purple than they are.)



So how do you create this half moon look if you're free hand skills are not the best? It's really easy with some french tip nail vinyls. Glam My Mani recently sent me a bunch of vinyls to review and I wanted to use some I hadn't before. I feel my nails are still too short for a proper french mani but they are perfect for half moons. Here's how I did it:
  1. Apply your favorite base coat and 2-3 coats of color. Then top coat and wait for it to dry.
  2. Remove the vinyls from the sheet and place on your desired location. 
  3. Apply the glitter on the bottom half, near your cuticles and remove the vinyls as soon as you're done. Don't wait for the polish to dry before removing them or else it will stick to the vinyl.
  4. Re-apply the vinyls, this time a little further up the nail and use a thin stripping brush to carefully fill in the space between the vinyl and the glitter, quickly remove vinyl.
  5. Topcoat and you're done!
It does take some time because you have to wait for the polish to be dry before applying the vinyls, but it's so much easier than trying to make straight lines with a brush. I honestly tried to freehand the Essie Wicked accent and my lines were either too thick or too squiggly, it was not pretty (and I have a fine art degree, but tiny little details are not my forte). That's when I had the genius idea to just re-use the vinyl and voila! Mostly even, perfectly curved lines.

I bought the nail polishes myself, Life is a Bowl of Cranberries is no longer available but you can still get Autumn Berry over at Noddle Nail Polish Etsy Shop. French tip nail vinyls where provided to me by Glam My Mani for review, they are currently on sale for just $5 with free shipping to the US (and that includes Puerto Rico!). Go follow Glam My Mani on Instagram and Facebook.  

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    2 comments on "Half Moon Glitter Nail Art"
    1. You always make me want to buy every Noodles Nail Polish shade, haha!

      1. Ha! Now you know how I feel when I read your blog! To be honest, I want to buy all the Noodles as well. I'm already craving several from the Christmas collection. It's a real problem.


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