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Neon Holographic Stamping

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hi guys, lately I've been feeling...well to be honest, somewhat depressed. I hate being a Debbie Downer so I won't bring you all down with details but it's definitely impacted my blogging and nail art lately. One thing that's been happening is that I haven't had as much time to post. This whole nail art and blogging thing is a form of therapy for me, so when I can't do it as often as I'd like, I get upset. And when I get upset, I like sparkly, rainbowy, colorful nails to cheer me up, even if it's just for a moment. Since I've always seen nail art as therapy, I like to use the colors not necessarily to express my mood, but to alter it when I'm upset. So without further ado, I bring you some bright neon, holographic, stamped nails!

More pics, plus a small how to, after the break!

Orly Hot Tropics

Orly Ablaze

For these nails I used Orly Hot Tropics and Ablaze from the Baked collection, stamped with Konad Plate M51 and Color Club Harp On It. Hot Tropics is a bright neon purple with gold shimmer and Ablaze is a neon red-orange with gold shimmer. These colors are super pigmented and great for nail art.



My base for these is inspired by Jade from Life in Lacquer's Watercolour Nail Art technique. Go check our her post because she has a video showing how it's done. Here's how I did it:
  1. Put on your base coat and 1 coat of the purple polish.
  2. Once it's dry, take a piece of makeup sponge and paint random drops of both colors on it.
  3. Then take the sponge and apply to nail.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have your desired effect.
That's it! It's really easy. Top coat it and then proceed to stamping.

Color Club Harp On It

For my stamping I used Color Club Harp On It and Konad Plate m51 with my Messy Mansion med-soft stamper. Harp On It is a silver linear holographic polish that's perfect for stamping sparkly rainbows!



Indoors it looks like a pretty silver, but in the sunlight it turns into sparkly rainbow goodness!


So sparkly, I spent all day starring at it.

As a bonus, here's what happened when I was trying to take the pics, my Squish photobombed. (He wanted me to put shoes on him).

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3 comments on "Neon Holographic Stamping"
  1. I myself love doing nail arts. Simple one coat, one color nail paint looks boring. So why not add some creativity to it? I loved your designs. Thanks for the idea!


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