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Pure Ice - New Year New Hue Collection

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Pure Ice-New Year New Hue Collection swatches and review

Hi guys! I apologize for the lack of post these past few days, I've been busy working and swatching like a mad woman to bring you today's post, The New Year New Hue Collection by Pure Ice. This collection includes 3 glitter jellies, a creme, a metallic, two glitter toppers and a matte topcoat.

 From the press release:
PURE ICE, sold exclusively at Walmart locations and boasting as the retailer’s best-selling value nail polish for over 25 years, is a salon-inspired long-wear nail formula available in over 96 stunning and on-trend shades .The shade library contains a striking variety of colors and finishes – from iridescent pearls to bright creams, holographic and chunky glitters to mirror-like metallics; every shade is beautiful and unique. 

Pure Ice nail enamels are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. Each bottle is elegant and streamlined in design, with bilingual packaging that is compliant across markets in the US, EU and Canada.
There are 8 polishes and I have several swatches per polish so this will be a picture heavy post! On to the swatches!

The Jellies

Pure Ice refers to these as color tints. There's three in this collection, Blue Hue, Purple Haze, and Rosy Glow. They are very sheer jellies with holographic glitter, I've swatched all 3 without topcoat so you can see the natural finish. These all dry relatively fast and it's easy to build up with several layers for a sparkly holographic jelly sandwich look or use one coat as a tint. They all look much sheer on the nail than they do on the bottle except for Rosy Glow, which has the thickest base and most intense color. They are perfect for the leadlighting technique and other nail art so I will have a post showing you how you can use them that way later on this week. 

Blue Hue




Blue Hue is a blue glitter tint polish that dries to a smooth, shiny finish. Three coats without topcoat.

Purple Haze




Purple Haze is a purple glitter tint polish that dries to a smooth, shiny finish. Three coats without topcoat.

Rosy Glow




Rosy Glow is a red glitter tint polish that dries to a smooth, shiny finish. Three coats without topcoat. This color leans more pink with just one coat, and a vibrant red-orange as you build to opacity.

Dollface - the creme

Three coats without topcoat.



Dollface is a soft creme peach. However, my skin color makes this look like a very bright, light neon peach color. This is a shade I recommend you look up swatches in other skin tones, because it might look slightly different. Overall, it's lovely color. The formula is smooth and easy to control, it dries quickly to a smooth, shiny finish. I did have some some very small bubbles, you can see them on my middle and ring finger in the swatches (they look like little black dots) and I noticed them in person but I think for the average nail polish user (who isn't taking high resolution close ups of her nails all the time), it's not a problem.

Flawless - frosted light gold metallic

Three coats without topcoat.



Flawless is a frosted gold metallic, and true to it's type, it's harder to get nice results with. It will leave visible brushstrokes (as is typical of all frosted finishes and most metallics). You really want to be careful not to overwork the polish too much, just lay down smooth even strokes. This one did not dry as fast as Dollface. It's a very interesting color, mainly gold, with what I would describe as pewter undertones; almost like tarnished gold. This color would be lovely to use a base for some antique or vintage inspired nail art.

The Glitter Toppers

There are two glitter toppers in the collection, What's The Splatter and Poppin Bottles. They both consist of different types of glitter on a clear base. Unlike other mainstream glitter toppers, I found these ones to be easy to use without any fishing for the bigger glitters.

What's The Splatter

I layered one coat over Flawless using my chunky glitter dab technique, where I lay the brush down flat against the nail instead of brushing it on. There are several YouTube tutorials available, showing you the best way to apply chunky glitter..




What's the Splatter is a clear topper with black and white hex glitter in different sizes. The glitters lay flat against the nail and you get several sizes with each swipe of the brush.I know the large white hex in my middle nail looks like it's sticking out but it's barely noticeable. I didn't topcoat these swatches so you guys could see the natural finish, but what little was sticking out would be easily smoothed with one coat of a thick topcoat like Gelous or Seche Vite.

Poppin Bottles

This is a silver, pearlized base polish with silver glitters and an iridescent gold shimmer. One coat over Dollface.




Poppin Bottles is my favorite out all the polishes, I just love the gold shimmer in it. The formula is great, really smooth and easy to use. You can brush this one on just like normal polish because the actual glitters are small and easy to control. It dries quickly to a lovely, sparkly, finish.

Frosted Finish Matte Topcoat

The last polish in the New Year New Hue collection is a matte topcoat. I swatched it over the glitter jellies, just one coat.





Frost Finish Matte topcoat was really easy to use, the formula is very smooth, easy to control, and it dried quickly. I can only compare it to the Wet n Wild matte topcoat because that's the one I own. I found it to be just a little better, with more smooth results.

Overall, I think this is a great collection from Pure Ice and I enjoyed getting the chance to swatch them. The polishes all had smooth formulas that applied easily. The only one I had issue with was Flawless and that's because it's a frosted metallic and those are always tricky. Considering the price is only $1.97, you're getting a really high quality product.

*A note about the lighting*. I tried my best to have consistent lighting in all the swatches but it was not possible. I took these pictures over the course of 3 days and at different times of the day. As a busy mom, I couldn't sit down and swatch them all in a row. I color corrected as best I could in Photoshop so that the nail polish color in all the swatches was as accurate as possible. If you're very interested in one of these polishes, make sure to look up other swatches to see how it looks on your skin tone. I'm Hispanic, with medium/olive skin with yellow undertones and both Rosy Glow and Dollface look very bright on me.

Pure Ice sent me these polishes as press samples to review and swatch. You can purchase your own at Walmart locations nationwide and online. They retail for $1.97 each (plus tax).

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21 comments on "Pure Ice - New Year New Hue Collection"
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