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Shinespark Polish 90's Kids Collection

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
90s Kids Collection from Shinespark Nail Polish

Hello everyone, today I have swatches and a review of the 90s Kids Collection from Shinespark Nail Polish, a brand new indie that debuts on February 28. The collection consists of 6 neon jellies with just a hint of shimmer, all inspired by Lisa Frank. Let's get started!

Overall, they all have the same 5 Free formula. It's smooth and buttery, super easy to use and control. All the swatches are 3 thin coats without topcoat. I really liked how thin and easy they where to layer because sometimes with jellies it can seem like you have on a ton of polish just from all the coats it takes to make them opaque. There is some visible nail line (VNL) with some of the colors because they are after all, jellies, which means they are translucent and sheer so you need to build up the layers to your desired opacity. You can also use a white undie to make the colors pop and have no VNL. Personally, I don't mind the VNL because I love how squishy they look, they reminded me of candies. Dry time for these was relatively quick, about 10 minutes to be dry to the touch. I didn't topcoat so you could see how shiny they are on their own but a quick drying topcoat would speed it up and protect your nails from chipping so it's always recommended.

Dancing Dolphins




You can see the shimmery quality that these neon jellies have in the macro of Dancing Dolphins. This is my favorite of the 6 and I'm happy to report that I experienced no staining, on skin or nails, with this color.

Max Splash




The shimmer in Max Splash is even more subtle. This color did cause a bit of staining but it was easily removed with non acetone remover. This starts out like a really bright purple and the color deepens as you add more layers.

Ballerina Bunny




You can see some of the shimmer in the macro for Ballerina Bunny but in my opinion it is one of the most subtle ones. I really like the squishyness of this one and I thought it was a good dupe for Essie Secret Story (but with a better formula).





Markie is the sheerest of the 6 colors but it is also the shimmeriest (is that a word? It should be). It's full of gorgeous tiny microflakes of shimmer, just beautiful and sparkly. I included a sunlight shot so you could see how it sparkles.

Rainbow Chaser




Rainbow Chaser is a super bright neon orange, like highlighter neon bright. It's also got that shimmery quality to it but my macro came out a bit blurry. Just one of those things I didn't notice until after I was editing. This one did cause some slight staining as well but it was easily removed with non acetone remover.





And finally we have Peekaboo. Another super bright highlighter color, also a bit sheer. You can see some VNL. I normally am not a fan of green on me but there's something about this really bright green that I actually love. I had to go pick up my daughter from school while I was in the middle of swatching this one and I just kept starring at it, I loved how cool it looked. This will make a great base for some fun nail art and I've already seen a watermarble done with this one and a few other colors and I can't wait to try it myself.

So, what do you guys think? I really love that these are jellies and can be used sheer for leadlighting or making jelly sandwiches, but at the same time that they are really bright neons.There are a few more colors that are not part of this collection that I will also be showing you on the next few days so make sure you come back to check those out.

I was sent these to review and swatch but you can get your hands on them on February 28 at 11am CST over at Retail is $8 for a full-size 15mL bottle, $3.75 for a 5ml mini. A full size set of the 90's Kids is $42, and the mini set is $20. You can follow Shinespark Nail Polish on Instagram to see all the swatches and keep up to date with all the latest info, go show this brand new indie some love and support!

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22 comments on "Shinespark Polish 90's Kids Collection"
  1. I love three colors! The jelly formula looks great on these. I think the pink, blue and green are my favorites.

  2. Oooo these are so squishy and bright - I hope they get lots of use this summer!

  3. Oh how I love me some neons!! This is a great premiere collection from a new indie :)

  4. Dancing Dolphins and peekaboo are awesome!!!!

  5. I love your swtches! I can't wait for this release!

  6. These are all so bright and fun!

  7. I love the collection name. These polishes totally bring to mind Lisa Frank in all her 90s glory! ;-)

  8. So may great shades but I love Markie the most!

  9. Yay for BHB Indies!!! I adore that glowing green!

  10. This whole collection is lovely there's no way I could pick a fave!

  11. Oh that green, blue, and purple stole my heart!

  12. I was a teen in the 90s! Love these but the blue most!!

  13. Lovely jelly collection. I liked Max Splash, Ballerina Bunny and Rainbow Chaser. Using these for lead light would be so much fun.

  14. I love me some squishy jellies and nail line never bothers me. Great dry time on these!

  15. Very squishy and fun! I love these colors, especially for summertime. :)

  16. Live how squishy these look! Nice start for a new brand!

  17. These look so great for the summer! So much squish squishy fun lol

  18. Wow! Bight and gorgeous. I love neons.

  19. Peekaboo is my FAVORITE! I just can't pass up a good bright lime green!


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