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Bad Bitch Polish - Swatches and Review

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Sunday guys, I hope you've had a lovely weekend so far. Today I have swatches and a review of a new to me indie Bad Bitch Polish. I was thrilled when Britt contacted me asking if I wanted to review! She sent me 3 polishes to swatch and share with you guys, Mini Skirt, Key Lime, and Roar. On to the swatches!

First off I want to talk about the packaging. The polishes arrived in a little box, each was sealed in it's own plastic cylinder, surrounded by black ribbon and a wax seal with the brand's name. I love little details like those. The mini came in a small box also with ribbon and sealed with wax. Here's what the seal looks like.

I also want to talk about the card. I love the distressed, grungy style and the definition of Bad Bitch that's included in the back.

Mini Skirt

Mini Skirt is a bright neon pink microglitter polish in a clear base. This polish is really unique and I don't have anything like this! It's meant to be a glitter topper but there's so much glitter in it that it's easily layered to opacity in 2-3 coats. It dries to a natural matte finish. Clean-up was actually pretty easy, any excess glitter was easy to remove with acetone and a brush. To remove from my nails I used a peel off base coat so I just peeled it off and used acetone to quickly clean up any leftover bits. Swatches are just 3 coats of Mini Skirt, no undie or topcoat




I also wanted to show you guys what it looks like with a shiny topcoat. I prefer it this way, it just loks so squishy and gorgeous!




Key Lime

Key Lime is a soft pastel green creme. Greens tend to be tricky on my skin because if they are too yellow they clash with my yellow undertones and look awful. However, I really like this one. It's neither too yellow nor too blue, just a really soft, perfect, spring green. It's very opaque and you can get full coverage in 1-2 coats. The mini bottle sample I received had a slightly wonky brush that made application difficult so it definitely needed the extra coats. However, the full size bottles had excellent brushes and since the minis aren't currently available for sale, the average consumer shouldn't have any issues. The formula of the polish itself is very smooth and creamy. My first thin coat was a little streaky but the polish evened out on it's own, second coat would have been good enough if not for the brush issue. I put on a third, very thin coat just to make sure everything was perfectly smooth. Key Lime dries quickly to a smooth and shiny finish.





Britt let me know that she actually sent me the last bottle of Roar, so this isn't currently available in the shop. Roar is inspired by the ocean, it's got aquamarine and white matte shard style flakies with teal hex glitter and light grey microglitters in a clear base. I swatched it over Wet n Wild Blue Moon, which is a dark navy blue with teal shimmer (I got swatches of that one on it's own which I'll share later). For the first coat I used a sponge to add the larger flakes, then I brushed on a second coat to get a good amount of the smaller teal hexes and grey microglitter. I then sealed it with one coat of my shiny topcoat. Personally, I'm in love with this polish and the inspiration behind it, especially now that I'll be leaving my island home behind in a few months. I've always felt at peace near the ocean. I really love the depth that can be created by layering on several coats and I have this crazy idea to do an ocean themed jelly sandwich with it.




To show you how the flakey shards lay nice and flat against the nail, here's a macro at another angle.


In case anyone is wondering, my current topcoat for swatches is Bettina Cosmetics B-Pro Color Enhancing topcoat. Bettina is a local Puerto Rican brand but their products can also be purchased at some Walgreens locations in central and south Florida. (Fingers crossed I can still find them after we move, or else I need to start stocking up on back-ups).

Britt sent me these polishes to review but you can purchase full size 15 ml bottles of Mini Skirt and Key Lime at for $8. You can follow Bad Bitch Polish on Facebook and Instagram.

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22 comments on "Bad Bitch Polish - Swatches and Review"
  1. I want to swatch like you when I grow up. You always pay the closest attention to details and write the best reviews. <3

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  3. I love Mini Skirt! It's great that it's opaque in 3 coats.

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  7. Key Lime looks so beautiful and as you said creamy. I'll have to try it out for myself.

  8. Great review. I liked Key Lime and Roar and of course those macro shots :)

  9. Those are so lovely! I like Mini Skirt a lot more than I thought I would!

  10. Love the brandname and colours. I loved key lime a lot

  11. These all look great on you. I have a love/hate relationship with shard glitter toppers. I think they look awesome on other people and then when I use them, they are the bane of my existence.

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