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Play Love Laugh Vegan Peel Off Nail Polish Review

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hi guys! Today I have a review of a new to me brand Play Love Laugh. The interesting thing about these polishes is that they are made from a fruit and vegetable base and are peel-off. They are vegan, gluten-free, and odorless, which makes them perfect for using on people with sensitive skin or little girls. On to the swatches and the review!

When I was contacted by the Debra, the owner, she had me pick out 2 polishes to review for you guys. I picked Purple Fairy Twinkle and Royal Princess. They both have the same formula, and I was really pleased with how smooth and easy it is to use. The ingredients are listed in the back of the bottles and they contain lemon, beet root, carrot root, sugar, spinach, black currant, and acerola cherry as the base (I love acerola cherries, my grandparents had a tree when I was growing up, so yummy). They are really odorless as well. They have thin formulas, a little watery but not runny, it was really easy to control and I barely had any clean-up to do.

Speaking of clean-up, I couldn't use acetone with these at all. I tried to do my regular clean-up method with a brush first and it did not work. I ended up using a bit of non-acetone remover and an orange wood stick to get some of the excess with the first polish I swatched. However, for the second one it was actually easier to just use my stick to wipe off any excess as soon as I was done with a nail, before moving on to the next. Or, to wait until it dried and then just peel it off my skin. Seems complicated but it really isn't, it was actually quite fast since the polish also dries really quickly. My nails were completely dried about 10 minutes after I applied my second coat. Since these are non-toxic and safe to use on little girls over 3 yrs old, I love that they dried so fast and didn't need acetone to clean up. My daughter gave herself a little manicure and it was smudge proof in a few minutes and easy for her (she's 7).

Let's see the individual polishes now.

Purple Fairy Twinkle




Purple Fairy Twinkle looks like an off white/light grey crelly with purple glitters in the bottle. However, it's actually really sheer and works better as a topper. If you want the crelly look you'd have to layer it over white first. Swatches are 3 coats, no base coat or top coat. Purple Fairy Twinkle is also a good option for little girls since they get some sparkle without it being too much. This one dried really fast, about 5 minutes, to a shiny finish.

Royal Princess




Royal Princess is a purple/magenta color with blue shimmers. It is stunning! I absolutely love this one! Swatches are 2 coats without basecoat or topcoat. Dry time was a little longer than the other polish, about 10 minutes to be fully dry. I wore this one a whole day to test it out and I'm happy to report that it stood up to my daily routine. There was very minor tip wear the next day on some of my nails. If I had been going to wear it for longer I would have just touched it up but since I had other stuff to swatch I just removed it.

How To Remove

Just to test it I tried removing it with non-acetone remover and it was sorta a goopy mess. So I really recommend you simply follow the instructions on the back of the bottles.

First you soak your nails in warm water, I did mine for about 30 seconds. I don't have a picture of this because I can't fit a bowl into my lightbox. I tried.

Second step is to push it off from the base of your nail. I used an orange wood stick for this.

Third is to just peel it off!

Mine came off in large chunks. I used the stick to slide everything off.

All done! I've never removed glitter polish faster. And in case you're wondering, no, it doesn't come off if you're taking a warm shower. You have start to peel it off at the base first, otherwise it stays put.

Overall I was impressed with the quality of the polish. I loved how fast they dry and how easy they are to clean up. It's a great non-toxic alternative for people with sensitive skin and little girls or anyone who is interested in vegan and cruelty free polishes.

I received these polishes in exchange for an honest review, if you're interested in purchasing your own, you can get a 8ml bottle for $5.99 at Play Love Laugh's Etsy shop. You can also keep up with the brand on their Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest. They have lots of really pretty colors so be sure to check them out!

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24 comments on "Play Love Laugh Vegan Peel Off Nail Polish Review"
  1. Acerola! I wouldn't mind at all if they smelled like acerolas, so yummy! ^_^

    I was hoping to see Miss A's mani, hopefully her nails are nicer/better looking and longer than her Auntie Yeli's!

  2. Yeli your comment posted twice! I deleted the extra one. Here mani didn't last long. She can't wear nail polish to school, so they had to come off the next day. Her nails aren't long at all. She has the same short and narrow nail beds we have but with a naturally rounded shape like her dad so they look stubby.

  3. Interesting idea! What a great option for kids.

  4. Interesting formula, that last one is a stunner!

  5. Fantastic review Nadia :)

  6. Great review, I love my Miss Sporty Peel off Base polish x

  7. Peel of base coats are awesome, these are a great idea.

  8. Royal Princess is so gorgeous and this is a neat concept! I feel like the other one is just too sheer to work with this concept, though- like you mentioned, you'd need to use it as a topper. So if you wanted to put it over a base color it would defeat the peel off aspect of it.

  9. Royal princess is beautiful..Love the blue shimmer to it! Such a great concept too

  10. Royal princess is beautiful..Love the blue shimmer to it! Such a great concept too

  11. Royal Princess is lovely though I'm wondering how the glitter topper would work with regular polish or is it meant to be worn over other polishes from the line? Either way I love the idea of easy glitter removal!

  12. Very informative! Interesting concept to use natural ingredients like this. Great alternative.

  13. Nice to see a new alternative - I am sure these will be popular with mini polish addicts.

  14. I love to see indie brands doing different things. You're right these are perfect for young girls!

  15. You read my mind about wondering if it would start to peel in the shower ;) These are AWESOME!! I will have a new niece in early July (my first niece!!!) and I am *so* getting these polishes so I can paint her cute little piggies ^_^

  16. Royal Princess is stunning! I will have to tell my sister-in-law about this one, she has a tough time keeping peel-off polish on my niece's nails.

  17. Great review. I love seeing all natural alternative products. :)

  18. What a great idea for polish! I haven't seen anything like it before.

  19. You answered my question about it peeling off in the shower before I even got to ask it :)

  20. The polishes are lovely, but the peel off aspect is a turn off.

  21. I liked the concept. Love the pink one

  22. I love the concept of peel pff polishes, very nice. I can imagine these being a great hit with little girls moreso than adults though.

  23. I like the concept. I have peel off base coat and can't find a happy medium between easy removal and stuff just popping off.


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