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Pretty & Polished - Spring 2015 (partial)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Today I have two colors from Pretty & Polished new Spring collection! I received Insert Eggceptionally Bad Pun Here and Living In The Pastel to swatch and review. These colors will be available tomorrow at 10 AM over at Included in this release will also be the "Humble Beginnings" collections which is a re-release of 6 old shades from when the brand first started out (but with a much better formula now). I have 3 of those to show you as well in my next post.

A little note about colors. As most of you know by now, I've been struggling to have natural, color accurate swatches. I've spent the past two days playing with a new light set up, camera's white balance, and my PC monitor settings. In the end, the collage above shows that for whatever reason, my skintone changes with the color of the polish I'm wearing. So, since my goal is to provide you with the most color accurate polish colors I'm gonna have to say "screw you skin color!" It's only going to get worse in the summer when I'll get more tanned. On to the swatches!

Insert Eggceptionally Bad Pun Here

From the press release - A yellow crelly with turquoise and orange glitter.




I'm aware that this is the type of color some people might find off-putting. But I got to tell you guys, that once I put it on, I was in love. It actually looks really nice and the formula is excellent. Insert Eggceptionally Bad Pun Here is a yellow crelly so it does take 3 coats to reach opacity. The formula is really smooth and self-leveling, plus it dries really fast which is great when you have to do several coats. It dries to a smooth shiny finish, I added topcoat to make it even more shiny. I wore this one for several hours and I kept starring at my nails, it's a really fun polish to wear. It's the type of glitter crelly perfection I've come to expect from Pretty & Polished.

Living In The Pastel

From the press release - a creamy pink with pastel blue and yellow glitters.




I would describe Living In The Pastel as a pale lavender more than pink. I can see how in different lighting situations/skin colors it might look more pink, but at least on me, it was more purple-y. For example, on the first swatch, it looks more purple, on the second swatch, with my hand in a different angle, it looks more pink. The macro is the most color accurate shot. As you can see in that one, the yellow glitter is really pale, almost white. Living In The Pastel also has a sheer crelly formula. Swatches are 3 coats with shiny topcoat. In order to get the best amount of glitter, I put on my 1st coat like normal nail polish, I dabbed on my second coat for more glitter coverage, then I brushed on the last coat to seal in the glitter. It's a jelly sandwich in a bottle! This one also dries pretty fast. Because it's so sheer, you will have some slight visible nail line, especially if you have longer nails. You can always layer one coat of color as a base before putting on two coats of Living In The Pastel.

The Pretty and Polished Spring 2015 collection also includes 5 more colors. I can't wait to get my hands on a few of them. I was sent these two for review but they will be available for purchase tomorrow at 10 AM at, $8.50 for a full size 15 ml bottle. I also have 3 of the Humble Beginnings shades that are also re-releasing tomorrow so be on the lookout for those really soon!

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18 comments on "Pretty & Polished - Spring 2015 (partial)"
  1. Living in the pastel is so pretty, the other is nice but I'm not a yellow polish person. Great post :)

  2. I loooove Living in the pastel, it's so gorgeous. Nice review!

  3. Living in the Pastel totally reminds me of Easter!!

  4. These are great and perfect for Spring!

  5. Lovely nail colors. Perfect for Easter manicures. I loved specially the Yellow Crelly.

  6. Very cute, classic Pretty & Polished shades!

  7. I'm incredibly jealous oh well you can pull off that yellow crelly, it looks gorgeous on you.

    1. Haha! Thank you! I was genuinely surprised by how good it looked on me.

  8. I love the yellow crelly! It's a perfect color combo.

  9. Super cute! I love the combos of both of these.

  10. Living in the Pastel is absolutely perfect for spring!!

  11. I love Pretty & Polished! These are all beautiful for spring!

  12. Living in the Pastel is so pretty! It looks like it's glowing!

  13. I really love Living in the Pastel!

  14. IEBPH is so vibrant. It makes me think of the Easter malted milk ball robin's eggs that come out in spring!

  15. Living In The Pastel is super pretty and IEBPH looks amazing on you! I totally understand how frustrating working around a warmer skin tone can be!

  16. Anonymous3/21/2015

    I wasn't so sure about Insert Eggceptionally Bad Pun Here but the more I see it, the more I'm glad I ordered it!! Yellows tend to not look that great on me but both of these are gorgeous on you! Plus your lighting is perfect!!!


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