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Mommy & Me - You Polish Vinyls Review

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hi guys! Today I have the cutest thing, a mommy and me manicure courtesy of the new Mommy and Me vinyl sets from You Polish. These are sets of vinyls that include "normal" sized designs and different smaller sizes perfect for little nails.

There are 3 different sets of Mommy and Me vinyls available and I got samples of all three to share with you. Set 1 is Bows, Spirals, and Mermaids. Set 2 is Cupcakes, Butterflies, and Lines. Set 3 is Hearts and Stars. I'm going to review the Hearts and Stars set for you today, which has some chevrons included. Be on the lookout for more Mommy and Me manicures with the other sets soon.


I showed all the sets to my daughter and she picked out Hearts and Stars because she wanted a "zig-zag" pattern. She's 7 years old and struggles with biting her nails just like I did so they are currently really short. We settled on a simple chevron design using Orly Neon Heat as a base and Hot Tropics on top. (Yes, once again, I'm using Orly's 2014 Baked collection, in my defense, she picked them out.)

These vinyls were incredibly easy to use so I'm going to show you guys a quick how-to.


First I painted her nails with one coat of Orly Neon Heat and topcoated with Pretty and Polished Swift Sparkle topcoat.

After the base was dry, I applied the chevrons, then placed one layer of Orly Hot Tropics on top, and  immediately removed them before moving on to the next nail.


Sorry about the blurriness but I had trouble photographing her hands as she did not want to stay still. As you can see in her thumb macro, I was able to create perfect chevron nails on a very tiny space.


On the rest of her nails I was only able to place one chevron vinyl. She was very happy with them though and wore her manicure for several days.



Here are my nails so you can get a really good look at how crisp and clean the lines are. Out of all the vinyls I've used, I've liked these so far the most. I have absolutely no issues to report with them.

The Mommy and Me sets are available now at I received mine for review but you can purchase your own for $5.50. As a special treat for my readers, I've got a discount code to share with you! Use Mamaheartspolish10 at checkout to receive 10% of your order.

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12 comments on "Mommy & Me - You Polish Vinyls Review"
  1. These are absolutely adorable. I love the concept. Baby fingers need love too!

  2. How cute that y'all can match! Adorable!

  3. Super pretty, yet to try vinyls x

  4. This is all sorts of cute!!!!!

  5. Awwww! What a novel idea!

  6. These are just too sweet! What a great idea!

  7. I love this! It's so cute that you guys can have matching nails using the vinyls! :0)

  8. What an adorable idea! How cool makers are now doing things for polish lovers to do with their kids. So neat!

  9. So cute! Nice manis for both of you!

  10. Such a cute idea!! I did matching mani's with my niece once, but just color only. Matching vinyls would be super fun!!

  11. Anonymous6/27/2015

    This is such an adorable post!! She's a future blogger in the making!!


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