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Bellaluna Cosmetics - Dreams Come True (partial) Review

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hi guys! Today I have swatches and a review of my picks of the Dreams Come True Collection from Bellaluna Cosmetics. This collection consists of 6 polishes inspired by Disney films, 3 cremes with micro flakes, 2 glitter jellies, and a holographic topcoat. I have swatches of the 3 cremes to show you today, plus a short update on my life, feel free to scroll past the next paragraph if you just came here for pretty nail pictures.

As some of you know for the past 6 months or so I've been talking about a possible move to Florida, then I talked about the in between, transition phase I was stuck in for 3 months, living as a single mom while my husband was already working in FL and I got everything ready to move while also dealing with other personal situations. It's been a really difficult time and during this period I've had very few blog posts. I'm really grateful for everyone that has stuck with me. I'm finally in my new home in Florida and mostly settled. I don't have a lot of furniture but I do have a desk and my lightbox and lights again. So that means that I hope to be back to a more regular posting schedule of at least twice a week soon.

Now for the review.

The cremes from the Dreams Come True Collection all had a similar formula. It was slightly thicker but completely manageable, you could always add thinner if you prefer a runnier formula but I did not add any in this case. It was easy for me to control and I barely had to do any clean up. All 3 polishes have some type of shimmer, micro glitter, or micro flakes. They all dried to a slightly matte/satin finish. I added one layer of topcoat for shine. Dry time was average, about 15 minutes with a quick dry topcoat. I'll go into details of application for each individual swatch.

I See The Light



Inspired by the movie Tangled, I See the Light is a beautiful pinkish purple with purple shimmer and gold micro flakes. This polish is much stunning in real life than I could capture on camera, the golden flakes really set it apart. Application was a breeze, 2 easy, self leveling coats with 1 layer of topcoat for shine. The polish was easy to control and I barely had to do any clean up. This is a definite favorite from this collection.

Part Of Your World



Part of Your World is inspired by The Little Mermaid. There's a lot going on in this beauty and it was also hard to capture accurately. It has golden glitter, purple shimmer, and iridescent micro flakes in an aqua base. This polish took 3 thin coats, it was opaque in 2 but with a few minor patchy spots so it needed a 3rd to be completely even. You could also just do 2 thicker coats. I added topcoat for shine.

Once Upon A Dream



Once Upon A Dream is inspired by Sleeping Beauty, specifically the part where the fairies keep fighting over the color of Aurora's dress and change it from pink to blue. It's a soft pink with lots of blue shimmer. It was hard to capture on camera but you can see it better in the macro. This polish also needed 3 coats, 2 for opaqueness and a 3rd one for even coverage. Swatch is 3 thin layers with topcoat.

Overall I really liked these polishes so I decided to do some nail art.



I created a soft gradient with all three polishes and then stamped over it with Bettina Matte (white), using an image from my UberChic Beauty plate 1-01.

I purchased these polishes with a blogger discount for the purpose of reviewing, they are all available in full size 15 ml bottles for $7.50 or 5ml minis for $3.75 at Bellaluna Cosmetics.

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8 comments on "Bellaluna Cosmetics - Dreams Come True (partial) Review"
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  2. Very pretty colors! Congrats on getting moved in, I hope things settle down for you soon.

  3. Once upon a dream is a proper girly pink, great swatches ♡

  4. So beautiful and delicate! I love these shades.

  5. Glad you're finally starting to get settled! <3

  6. Part of Your World is such a beautiful shade of blue!

  7. Love how delicate these colors are! Glad you're finally starting to get settled in!


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