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Kiss My Berry Best Friend

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Hi guys! I'm very excited about today's post for various reasons. First of all, just look at that picture! Glorious holo on holo stamping courtesy of Pretty and Polished Kiss My Asphalt and M Polish Berry Best Friends. Also, 2 posts this week! Lastly, I'm actually really happy with how these photos came out and I even made a video tutorial for you guys!

I have to thank Dani of Morning Star Nails and Jessica of Sloppy Swatches for helping me come up with a post title and a name for the video. Morning Star Nails is a great shop for all your cuticle and nail care needs, and Sloppy Swatches is one of my favorite YouTube vloggers, her nail art is amazing! Not only are they talented ladies, they are also great nail friends and helped me come up with names when I was stuck.

In terms of nail art this one is pretty simple. If you just want to see the tutorial then scroll down to the bottom.


I started with a base coat of Pretty and Polished Kiss My Asphalt, an amazing black holo. I did two coats on all of my nails except the one you see in the video, which was 3 cause the 1st coat was too thin. It dries super fast, about 5 minutes, to a gorgeous shiny linear holographic finish. I highly recommend it.


Up next I used M Polish Berry Best Friends to stamp with. This gorgeous holographic berry color is a group custom for the M Polish Lovers group on Facebook, it's no longer available for purchase. However, if you love M Polish I recommend joining the group because it's the best place to stay up to date on the latest and get sneak peaks on upcoming collections. M Polish stamping polishes are 5 free and what I love most about them is how well they show up over darker colors. Berry Best Friends is no exception, it just glows.

I used a floral hibiscus image from Dashica Beauty Infinity Nails plate 104 with my Messy Mansion Firm stamper. I tried a squishier stamper but it slightly distorted the images. Because it's a firm stamper, I rolled it over my nails instead of pressing down to transfer the stamp unto my nails. I cleaned up the excess and topcoated with Pretty and Polished Swift Sparkle topcoat. This is hands down my favorite topcoat. It's 5 free, super quick dry (I'm talking about being able to change a toddler's diaper 10 minutes later without smudging type of quick), doesn't dull holos and doesn't smear nail art. It's all I could ask for. If it where to ever be sold in a big ass bottle I'd buy it in an instant.

That was a lot of words up there so if you skipped all that, here's the video I promised. It's my first tutorial, be gentle but let me know what you think in the comments!

And to finish off this ridiculously long post, a macro! Probably my most favorite macro ever.

I purchased all of the products in this post. Kiss My Asphalt and Swift Sparkle topcoat are available at, Berry Best Friends is no longer for sale but you can check out other amazing stamping polishes at I purchased the Dashica Infinity plate as part of a group buy. Messy Mansion stampers are available at

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10 comments on "Kiss My Berry Best Friend"
  1. Yay!!! I love your video!

  2. This is beyond stunning!!!!! And I cannot believe I didn't know about the fan group!!! I'll be kicking myself for that now after seeing that custom! 😍

  3. This looks fricking awesome ♡♡

  4. I love that stamping polish. Totally bummed I didn't know about the group in time to get it.

  5. Love this and your video!!

  6. I loved your video! This look is GORGEOUS! That group custom is to die for!

  7. I love the contrast of the pink and black together. Nice job on the video!

  8. Your video tutorial looks fantastic, totally couldn't tell it was your first. They are certainly not easy to do! Your mani looks so beautiful.

  9. That M Polish Berry Best Friends, looks amazing. I wish i grabbed it too.


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