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Shinespark Polish Neons

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hi guys, today I have swatches of two neons from Shinespark Polish, Radical Red and Pumped Pink; with a water marble accent nail. I had gotten 3 neons to review and I already shared Outrageous Orange with you guys in June, you can find that post here.

OK so a couple of things...first off I'm having camera issues again so I had to go back to using my Samsung Galaxy S3 for pictures. The 2nd thing is that these polishes are part of Shinespark Polish's 80's Neon cremes collection and they have all been reformulated. I got these back in April and due to the move and mayor life issues I couldn't swatch them until now. So I'm going to review the ones I got but it's my understanding that these are now slightly more opaque and water marble even easier than they did before. (They spread really well for me already so I hope to be able to purchase the new versions at some point to compare).

Radical Red


Up first is Radical Red, 2 coats with topcoat. It dries to a slight satin/neon matte finish in about 10 minutes. It's not really red, more like a bright reddish salmon with subtle shimmer. Formula is a little on the thicker side, but workable. It's really easy to control and I barely had any clean up. It's my favorite of the collection.

Pumped Pink


Swatch is 2 coats with topcoat of Pumped Pink, a super bright neon sorta Barbie pink, with subtle shimmer. Formula and dry time is exactly like Radical Red, it's a great color but I do have several neon pinks that are very similar, although not exactly the same.

Since all the rage this year with neons has been the question of if they water marble or not, I tested them out. Yes, they do water marble, as you can see in the macro above. They have been reformulated to marble even better now, you can check out my friend Pish's review of the new versions here.

I purchased these polishes with a blogger discount for the purpose of reviewing. You can find the new and improved versions at, $3.75 for a 5mL mini or $8 for the 15mL full size.

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8 comments on "Shinespark Polish Neons"
  1. Adorable!! Always love your nails they're super cute

  2. Beautiful polishes and love your marbling x

  3. Very pretty. I love the accent!

  4. Beautiful! I've had my eye on her 80's neons forever. I have the 90's but I really want these!

  5. Anonymous7/29/2015

    I love the marble you did and happy to see you back to blogging!!

  6. Pretty watermarble! Glad to see you back too!! You've been missed!

  7. Radical Red looks gorgeous on you!


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