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Indigo Banans Viridescens and UberChic Sunflower Stamping

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hi guys! Today I have something from the archives, I did this around February or March. I used Indigo Bananas Viridescens multichrome flaky polish, stamped with M Polish Copper, and UberChic Beauty plate 1-02. I have swatches of this gorgeous polish plus a video tutorial below.




Viridescens from Indigo Bananas is a green-purple mutlichrome with multichrome flakes, so it's doubly shifty. Notice I said green, and not teal. This polish was impossible to capture accurately, it comes out teal in the pictures, when it's 100% a bright, glowy green in certain angles and lights. There's a flash of teal as you move your fingers, and then it's completely purple. On top of that, it has multichrome flakes that also shift as you move. I love the combination, and Andrea from IB has been doing this kinda mix for a while, and I consider her the multichrome/flaky master.

How's the formula? Amazing! It does leave some brushstrokes, as most multichromes tend to do because of their metallic finish (chrome...get it?) but the formula is so smooth and easy to control that it's really not an issue. It also dries in about 10 minutes. I wore 2 coats over black for the swatches and then I topcoated before stamping. Let's move on to that!



The second picture isn't a new pose, it's simply how I position my hand to take the macro shots, I liked it so much I kept it as is, because you can see the shift rather well, the macro is really just a cropped version of that. For this I used M Polish Copper and UberChic Beauty stamping plate 1-02 (sunflower image). 

I recreated the look on one nail in order to bring you guys a new video tutorial, since the original pictures are from months ago, it's not 100% the same but you get the gist of it. In the video I also used my new Bundle Monster XL squishy white stamper (I love it btw, would you guys be interested in a review/comparison to other stampers?) and their new thin scrapping cards.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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9 comments on "Indigo Banans Viridescens and UberChic Sunflower Stamping"
  1. This is stunning - great choice of polishes together!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous

  3. I would love to see reviews of stampers. I still struggle with mine a lot. It's too the point I only stamp on gel because if I mess up, I only wipe off the stamp and not the whole nail.

  4. Those two go together so well!

  5. Dear Indigo Bananas,
    I love you.
    Signed me.

  6. Beautiful color! Nice addition with the stamping.

  7. I love this with the stamping!

  8. They look great together. However the base itself is pretty amazing ♡


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