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Multichrome Stripes Nail Art Tutorial

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hi guys! Today I have another nail art video tutorial featuring the multichrome Shinespark polishes from my previous post, Stormy Sea and Aurora Borealis. The video is below as well as step by step instructions and way too many pictures.

  1. Start with a black base. I'm wearing the same Sensationail gel polish I used to swatch in my previous post.
  2. Apply straight nail vinyls from your favorite brand. I'm using some from Glam My Mani that I bought last year, they've lost some of their stickiness. When working with vinyls, remember to only do one nail at a time.
  3. Apply 2 coats of each polish in between the vinyls, alternating the colors.
  4. Immidietly remove the vinyls.
  5. Use black nail polish and a small brush to correct any mistakes and clean up the lines.
  6. Apply topcoat (I like to do this before clean up, because I always end up with topcoat on my skin in order to properly wrap the tips). I love Swift Sparkle topcoat from Pretty and Polished.
  7. Use acetone and a small brush to clean up excess polish and you're done!
  8. (optional) I always like to apply some cuticle oil or balm after a mani, to moisturize my skin, since acetone can be really drying.
And now for some pics!





I purchased Stormy Sea and Aurora Borealis with a blogger discount with the purpose of reviewing, they are available at You can find Glam My Mani vinyls at and Swift Sparkle topcoat at, I purchased both of these products myself.

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16 comments on "Multichrome Stripes Nail Art Tutorial"
  1. Anonymous8/21/2015


  2. Very cool, love the video too!

  3. That's absolutely adorable!! Love the macro!

  4. That's absolutely adorable!! Love the macro!

  5. Love this, really pretty

  6. I love stripes! Great mani!

  7. Very pretty and simple nail art! I love these kind of iridescent polishes

  8. This is just awesome!!! I absolutely love it!!

  9. This is so adorable! I suck at vinyls. I spend so much time fixing the mistakes that I avoid using them.

  10. Love what you did with these! Very pretty!

  11. Love how the design turned out!

  12. I love this! Great macro shot

  13. Love, love, love this mani! Simple yet stunning!


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