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Shinespark Polish Multichromes Review

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hi guys! Today I have swatches and review of two multichrome polishes from Shinespark Polish. These are mean to be used as toppers over a dark base. Because multichrome polishes shift color depending on the angle and lighting, I'm going to mention the type of light I took the picture in. Some of the low-light shots are slightly blurry, but they show the color shifts the best, I took those with just the overhead lighting of my kitchen, and not my daylight bulbs.


I've swatched them over Midnight Rendezvous, a black creme gel polish from Sensationail.

Stormy Sea

Daylight Bulbs

Stormy Sea is a yellow-green-blue multichrome topper. Swatch is 2 thin coats. It has a shimmery, metallic finish but I did not have any issues with brushstrokes. Formula was the typical smooth, buttery application I've come to expect from Shinespark Polish. However, I did find that overworking the polish would cause the 1st coat to pull up and cause patches. There's two easy solutions to this one, the 1st to just use the 3 stroke application technique and not overwork the polish (which is something I've noticed I'm guilty off), the 2nd is to wait until the 1st coat is dry before applying the 2nd. The good news is that these polishes dried really fast, in about 5 minutes, so you wouldn't have to wait long.

Aurora Borealis

Daylight bulb



Aurora Borealis is a red-purple-blue multichrome with the same shimmery metallic finish as Stormy Sea. I didn't see much of a red shift except in the shade and I couldn't capture a clear picture but the blue-purple shift is really striking and visible in regular household lights. However, capturing it on camera meant I had to photograph my hand on top of my kitchen counter, even further away from the overhead lights, so that shot is slightly blurry. Formula is similar to Stormy Sea, smooth application but make sure you don't overwork it or wait for the 1st coat to fully dry to avoid patchy spots.

Overall I really liked these mutlichromes, I like that they are meant to be used as toppers, that makes them more versatile since I can layer them over different bases to emphasize the different colors.

I purchased these polishes with a blogger discount for the purpose of reviewing. Both polishes are available at, $3.75 for a 5ml mini or $8.00 for the 15ml full size.

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21 comments on "Shinespark Polish Multichromes Review"
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