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Bellaluna Cosmetics October Birthstone Polish

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hi guys! Today I have the new October polish in Bellaluna Cosmetics' Birthstone series. Every month, she releases a new polish inspired by that month's birthstone. October is Opal and the polish is called Fauxpal. Swatches and review below!





Fauxpal is a white jelly with white flakes and iridescent multichrome flaky shimmer. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat.

Application and formula for this polish is slightly on the thicker side. It has large flakes in it, which are nicely suspended in the thicker formula, with a great base to flaky ratio. There's no need to dig around for them, as I got a good number of flakes with every brushstroke. I applied this polish in two ways, I dabbed it on, like it where a thicker crelly or glitter, and I also brushed on thin coats. Index and middle finger are 3 thin coats applied like normal polish, ring and finger are 3 coats dabbed on. I feel I got better coverage when dabbing. Because it's a white jelly, Fauxpal has a sheer formula and might have visible nail line after 3 coats on someone with longer nails. To avoid that, I recommend applying two coats over a white base. The polish took about 15 minutes to be dry to the touch with topcoat, which is average. I suggest waiting about 5 minutes between each coat, I had a few flakies get caught on the ones below them and pull them out because I didn't wait. 

I love the iridescent flakies most of all, they give it a very delicate touch, and the polish sparkles as it catches the light. It genuinely reminds me of a white opal. I included two macros because, although slightly out of focus I feel the first one shows off some of that shimmer near the corners of my nail, whereas the second one shows the polish best overall.

Clean-up was relatively easy, I didn't have annoying white residue on my cutices but I did have to scrub off a few errant flakies from my skin. The polish did not stain my nails or cuticles and was easily removed with acetone.

I received this polish as a press sample, with the purpose of swatching and reviewing. Fauxpal will be available October 1st at Bellalua Cosmetics new website - for $9.50.

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17 comments on "Bellaluna Cosmetics October Birthstone Polish"
  1. This is such a beautiful and unique polish. Your swatches are gorgeous as always. :)

  2. So pretty! I will never get enough flakies and this one is so unique, love the macro shots especially!

  3. I saw your swatch over on IG and swooned. This is a lovely polish.

  4. Your manicure is so pretty! That polish is beautiful - I love those types of polish!

  5. I need to get this just because my daughter was born in October!!

  6. Very unique polish!

  7. Very unique polish!

  8. I love how unique this is! Definitely a must have!

  9. Pretty polish, great review

  10. This almost looks icy! It would be a great winter shade, too.

  11. Great swatches! She did an amazing job really capturing an Opal with this.

  12. This is beautiful ♡♡

  13. You did a good job with the application despite it being thick.

    1. Thank you! It was still manageable, dabbing it on and treating it like a chunky glitter polish on my last two fingers made it easier.

  14. Beautiful swatch! This is a very pretty and unique polish. I sure don't own anything like it!

  15. You can definitely tell the application was thick from the swatch, but it's still a pretty shade. It's very different and unique.


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