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Fall Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Friday, September 11, 2015

Hi guys! Today I have the first in a series of nail art tutorials I did using the new fall colors from Bellaluna Cosmetics. Below you'll find a video tutorial and the step by step instructions, enjoy!


For the water marble accent I used Spanish Moss and Autumn Woodlands. They both spread really well, Autumn Woodlands spread the easiest. I also tried out Near Dark and it does spread but needs a little nudge of the cup. I didn't test Frosted Eggplant or Sparkling Cranberry since I didn't want to waste my minis.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Pour room temperature water into a small cup. I'm lucky that my regular filtered tap water works, depending on your water supply, you might need to use bottled or even distilled water. I do this about an hour before I start working so that it's room temp by the time I need to use it.
  2. Start by painting on one coat of white, I like to add a quick dry topcoat so that I don't have to wait too long for it to dry. 
  3.  Apply liquid latex, glue, or tape as a barrier around your cuticles and fingertip. I used glue in the video.
  4. Begin adding drops of the polish, alternating between each color until you're satisfied with the amount of rings. I like to have about 8-12 rings. 
  5. Using a sharp, pointed tool like a needle, a paper clip, or small dotting tool, draw your design. I'm using a paper clip I unfolded cause I'm cheap like that. Make sure you clean the tip of your tool after drawing each line or else the colors can get muddy.
  6. Figure out what part of the finished design you like best and carefully dip your nail at an angle.
  7. Use a stick or q-tip to clean up the excess polish around your finger before removing it from the water.
  8. Remove the glue/tape/liquid latex from your finger.
  9. Use acetone and a small brush to clean up your cuticles.
  10. Apply topcoat and you're done!

I love how the flakes from Autumn Woodlands combine with the shimmer in Spanish Moss. I don't know how she did it but I'd love to see more polishes from Bellaluna with this formula, I need more shimmer and flaky polishes that water marble.

I purchased some of these polishes with a blogger discount, while others were sent as samples for the purpose of review. Spanish Moss and Autumn Woodlands are available now at, $9.50 for the 15 ml full size bottles.

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9 comments on "Fall Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial"
  1. Great post and pretty mani

  2. Love the accent nail--very fall!

  3. Great post and perfect marble!!

  4. Love your watermarble! This collection is so many kinds of awesome!

  5. Wow! Shimmers that watermarble? YAS! Great video!

  6. Wow! Shimmers that watermarble? YAS! Great video!

  7. I hadn't tried watermarbling with these, but now I definitely want to. Such a great fall color combination.


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