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Pretty & Polished Fall Glitters - The Holos

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hi guys! Today I have part 3 of the Pretty & Polished Fall Glitters, The Holos. The Fall Glitters collection includes 3 holographic microglitters; Gussied Up Gold, a gold holo, I Can See Your Holo, a silver holo, and The Skies Are Falling, a blue holo. The three polishes had pretty much the same formula and dry time, so I'm going to mention it here instead of below the swatches like usual. Application and formula for these polishes is excellent, smooth and creamy. They dry in about 5 minutes with topcoat. Although they have a slight textured feel to them from all the microglitters, it's not gritty or bumpy and just one coat of regular topcoat smooths them out. These polishes don't cause any staining on skin or nails. The only word of caution is to be careful not to get any on your skin, or you will have to deal with all the glitter stuck on you during clean-up. Swatches are all 2 coats with topcoat for shine, since these dry to a demi-matte finish.

Gussied Up Gold




Gussied Up Gold is a gold holographic microglitter polish in a gold metallic base. It is super bright and blingy!

I Can See Your Holo




I Can See Your Holo is a silver holographic microglitter with a metallic base. Everyone needs an opaque, super sparkly silver holo in their lives, and this one is perfect.

The Skies Are Falling




The Skies Are Falling is a medium blue holographic microglitter. I'm not sure if it has a metallic base because it's just so full of glitter that I can't tell. I found this one to be the sparkliest of the 3, photos do not do it justice and I had no available sunlight to capture all it's beauty.

That's it for the Fall Glitters! Do you think you'll be picking any of them up? Which one did you like best? If you missed them, you can check out part 1- The Crellies, and part 2 - The Flakies by clicking on the links.

I received these polishes as press samples for the purpose of reviewing and swatching. They will be available at this Thursday, October 1st at 10 am. The 3 holos will retail at $8.50 and you can get the whole 8 piece collection for $65.

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12 comments on "Pretty & Polished Fall Glitters - The Holos"
  1. These are gorgeous!

  2. Stunning! I do love a good holo ♡

  3. I'll take one of each please! These are gorgeous. Thanks for the beautiful swatches. :)

  4. Ooh, that blue!! They're all pretty, but that one is just gorgeous!

  5. The skies are falling is an awesome shade of blue!

  6. Beautiful swatches! And you're absolutely correct about everyone needing a polish likeI Can SeeYour Holo in their collection!

  7. Gussied Up Gold and The Skies are Falling are the two I need from this whole collection. LOVE your swatches!

  8. I need all of these in my life!

  9. Such an eye is just perfect for me.

  10. Such an eye is just perfect for me.

  11. These are all really pretty! Great swatches!

  12. Super sparkly and pretty!!


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