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Hispanic Heritage - Puerto Rico Nail Art

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hi guys! Today I have a special post. Monica of Moni's Manis came up with the hashtags #latinanailbloggers and #latinanailgirls on IG as a way of supporting fellow Latinas and having a way to quickly look up swatches and nail art done by ladies with skin tones similar to our own. Since October is Hispanic Heritage month, we are doing special manis in honor of our countries and cultures, and tagging them with #mynailsmyheritage. Read below to see how I did this look, and they'll be a video tutorial in a bit.



For my mani I knew I wanted to do something with the Puerto Rican flag, but I didn't just want to paint it on my nails. It took a few days but I finally settled on double stamping with the flag colors, using a hibiscus image from Dashica Beauty Infinity Nails plate 104. Hibiscus flowers always remind me of home, since they are so abundant. I started with 3 coats of Bettina Freedom, a shimmery white. Then I stamped with Bettina Peppermint, a pale blue, using my Messy Mansion med-firm stamper. Once that was dry, I used my Clear Jelly Stamper and Bettina Chic, a dark cool red to stamp on top. I topcoated with Pretty & Polished Swift Sparkle.

For my accent nail, I used straight vinyls from to create evenly spaced lines over Bettina Freedom, and layered 1 coat of Chic. Then I topcoated and after it was dry I placed my vinyls in an X, and filled the top portion with Peppermint to create the blue triangle. After that was dry, I used the Clear Jelly Stamper to place a star, and used a small brush to fill it in. Finally, I topcoated with Pretty & Polished Swift Sparkle.

Here's the video tutorial! Short versions will be on IG.

I welcome all my Latina followers to create something, use the hashtag #mynailsmyheritage. If you create a blog post, let me know so that I can link it to the bottom of this post.

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16 comments on "Hispanic Heritage - Puerto Rico Nail Art"
  1. Like I told you before, this has got to be my fav mani of yours (which is hard bc you do beautiful manis), its just gorge!!! So pretty! Love the tutorial too!!

  2. I looove that you also used Puerto Rican polishes, really brings it all in! ¡Ese azul peppermint es exacto al color de la bandera!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I love the double stamp look!

  5. It's gorgeous! I love it everything about it!

  6. You nailed this mani! Absolutely perfect!

  7. Beautiful and I love the double stamping!

  8. I love your double stamping! Such a nice mani!

  9. That double stamping is stunning! Very nice!

  10. The double stamping really makes this pop!

  11. Hola! Estoy empezando en esto del blog, ya hablabamos por IG pero me sente hoy a escribir mi blog post para el hispanic heritage, asi que ahora q encontre el blog tambien le di follow. ;)


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