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Orange Rose Fall Stamping

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hi guys! Apologies for the lack of posts this week, just life stuff preventing me from blogging. I wish I had more time in the day. Today I'm showing some simple fall themed rose stamping I did a few weeks ago. I used Kiko Pineapple from the Cupcake collection as the base, followed by M Polish Hottie, with a rose pattern from Dashica Beauty Infinity Nails 106.



Kiko Pineapple is a gift from my best friend, she's currently living in Barcelona and brought me a bunch of Kikos last time she flew to PR. The formula is tricky, it's a textured polish that looks like a glitter crelly once it's topcoated. You have to dab it on carefully, I did 2 coats. Afterwards I put on two coats of topcoat to make it smooth, and once it was dry, I then stamped with M Polish Hottie on top. I finished it off with another coat of topcoat.

The Kiko was a gift from my friend, I purchased the rest of the products myself.
7 comments on "Orange Rose Fall Stamping"
  1. I have pineapple too!
    Didn't think about adding topcoat before stamping over it, I think I actually like it better like this, and not textures.

  2. Lovely polish with the stamping!

  3. I love the autumn roses!

  4. Beautiful stamping x

  5. Beautiful! I wish kikos were easily available they look awesome!

  6. This is beautiful and perfect for Fall!


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