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Orange and Black Stamping Tutorial

Monday, November 2, 2015

I have what I consider a nail fail for you guys today. I wanted to create a orange and black damask look but I didn't have any damask stamping plates so this is as close as it got. I've since remedied the situation and got some plates. I did these about a month ago but like usual, I'm posting it now. Because I must be some sort of masochist I actually went and recreated these on one nail last weekend so I could bring you a tutorial. Enjoy!

Video Tutorial


The base is Orly Push the Limit. I like this color but...1st of all, it's got that awful neon formula that's streaky and weird. 2nd of all, it was impossible to photograph accurately, so in other words, it's your typical neon. It looks like a bright coral in the pictures, it is not. It's more of a bright neon pastel red-orange? Maybe a neon coral orange, more orange than coral? It is definitely more orange than coral and not the pretty soft reddish coral in the pics (at least on all my screens).

Anyway, I did 2 coats of that and stamped with M Polish Cayuga using UberChic Beauty 1-03. I switched stampers halfway through, it was so frustrating getting that image to work and the results are inconsistent.  Then my topcoat smeared, not my favorite nail art moment. Like 2 days after I finished these I saw Kim from The Polished Perspective post the most beautiful orange and black damask mani on her IG that was exactly what I had in mind. So now that I have new plates I will recreate hers and hopefully it won't be as huge a fail.

And macro shot for shiggles. Look at how opaque that M Polish Cayuga is! I love it but hate that it smeared. Oh well. Oh, I used SinfulColors Black on Black in the tutorial cause I'm not wasting my M Polish.

18 comments on "Orange and Black Stamping Tutorial"
  1. I think it looked lovely! Cayuga is the bomb! I need to get some more.

  2. I think these turned out great!

  3. This is fantastic! The lining up on your stamping is perfect!

    1. Really?! I'm glad you think so. That's one of the main things that frustrated me about it.

  4. Oh my gosh, no! These look amazing, so far from a fail!!

  5. The base color is super lovely. The stamping looks amazing !

  6. This is super pretty, love the base colour ♡

  7. Push The Limit is the one I wanted from that collection! I love it with black.

  8. That Orly is amazing. This is so perfect.


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