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Pretty & Polished Dusty Cremes Water Marble

Monday, November 9, 2015

A couple of months ago, when Pretty & Polished released the Dsuty Cremes for fall, someone asked in the fan group if they watermarbled. So I tested them out and yes, they do indeed. Since that was a while ago, I recreated it in one finger and a tiny container to show you guys how they spread. Enjoy!

Video Tutorial


For the original water marble I let it dry and then applied as decals. In the tutorial, the colors didn't come out as crisp, mostly due to the small container and how quickly I was trying to get it done, less drops of color means I have to work faster. The used an empty cuticle balm container to water marble in.
7 comments on "Pretty & Polished Dusty Cremes Water Marble"
  1. I love how these colours look together!

  2. Perfect color combination for Fall! These look great together.

  3. I admire watermarble since I was neer able to succeed in making one ! Georgous !

  4. Awesome water marbling :)

  5. Once again, I'm super jelly of your marbling skills.

  6. How awesome that they WM! I love the colors together.


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