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Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker

Friday, November 6, 2015

This isn't technically untried so I didn't title it as such, but think of it as the next one in that series. Jawbreaker from Pretty & Polished was one of my 1st indie purchases. I did wear it at the beginning of the year and attempted to stamp over it. It was not good, mainly because I barely knew how to stamp then. Anyway, check below for a review.



Jawbreaker is for me, the quintessential white crelly glitter mix. It's got blue, yellow, red, and green glitters of various sizes and shapes in a perfect white base. I even like the green bars, and I usually hate bar glitter, because these are small and just give it a pop of color without being all in your face. Swatches have 1 coat of Swift Sparkle topcoat.

Let's talk formula and application. I apply these types of glitters with the dabbing method, I did 3 super thin coats for this one. I find that this is the best method for applying glitter crellies, otherwise I end up dragging all the glitter off my nails and have bald spots. I dab it on with the brush, letting the polish self level and do it's thing, occasionally arranging larger glitters where I like. I let each coat dry before moving on so as to avoid having a gloopy mess that never dries. The white base is nice and smooth, easy to control. I love to base to glitter ration, enough to get a good amount without having to fish, but not so much that it's lumpy.

Dry time after topcoat was about 15 minutes.

Overall I consider this to be a classic indie polish and the perfect white glitter crelly. Jawbreaker is currently available at I purchased this one on my own.
12 comments on "Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker"
  1. This is gorgeous! I really need to see if I can get my hands on this one!

  2. Adorable, it looks great on you!!

  3. I m not a fan of crellies but it looks georgous on you !

  4. Reminds me of sprinkles on frosting x

  5. Such a fun crelly! Love it!

  6. Very pretty. Classic polish.

  7. Wow! So much glitter! Very pretty!

  8. What a fun crelly! I actually adore crellies so much but don't own this one!

  9. Such a fun glitter crelly!

  10. They will also look great on toes:) I tried Party on my Yacht that is quite close and it looks lovely and summery;)


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