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Turtle Tootsie Polish - Christmas 2015 Collection

Monday, November 16, 2015

I have a new to me indie to show you guys today! Turtle Tootsie Polish Christmas/Holiday collection is called A Hatchling's First Christmas and it consist of 9 polishes in various finishes. Swatches and the review are below!

Green Bracelets


3 coats
2 coats over black

Green Bracelets is a green/teal glitter topper in a clear base that can be layered to opacity or worn over another color. It's #3 in the "bracelets" collection of which a silver and a pink were previously released. Swatches are 4 coats with topcoat in the index and middle finger, and 2 coats over black in the ring and pinkie. 1st macro is layered on it's own, 2nd macro is over black. I preferred the way it looks over black, I think it makes the glitter stand out more. The polish took about 20 minutes to dry.

Gold Bracelets


2 coats
2 coats over black
Gold Bracelets is #4 in the bracelets collection. It's a clear based, holographic gold glitter topper. For this one, I used liquid latex around my cuticles to prevent a messy clean up and I sponged on the glitters instead of brushing them on like usual. I got excellent glitter coverage this way and only needed 2 coats to reach opacity. Swatch is 2 coats on it's own in the index and middle fingers, 2 coats over black in the ring and pinkie, all with topcoat. I prefer the way it looks on it's own. This holo gold would also be perfect in glitter gradients and nail art over other colors. Since I sponged it on, the polish dried in about 10 minutes.

Holo-Day Pine



Holo-Day Pine is described as a muted green linear holo. I'd call it a minty green. Swatch is 2 coats with topcoat. Dried in 5 minutes to a shiny finish on it's own, topcoat was used to help it dry faster. The formula was a bit thin, slightly patchy in the 1st coat, evened out nicely in the 2nd. I applied it with careful, even strokes, since it left noticeable brushstrokes in the 1st coat. This one did stain my skin a little bit when I removed it, however it was easily removed with whitening toothpaste. This was a favorite for me, because I love this shade of minty green.

Tree Trimming



Tree Trimming is a green polish with gold holo glitter. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat. It has a lot of glitter and will dry slightly textured because of it. However, 1 coat of topcoat was enough to make it feel smooth. I noticed that it also left some brushstrokes during application but it self-leveled nicely and they were no longer noticeable after the polish dried. It was dry to the touch in about 15 minutes.

Sugar Cookie



Sugar Cookie is a gold glitter in a golden yellow metallic base. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat. This polish had a lovely formula, no visible brushstrokes during application, it self-leveled nicely. It dried in about 10 minutes to a slightly bumpy texture that was easily smoothed out with just 1 coat of topcoat.

Son Of A Nutcracker



Son Of A Nutcracker is a metallic silver with silver glitters. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat. This left slight brushstrokes upon application but it self-leveled nicely and were not noticeable after the polish dried. It was dry to the touch in about 15 minutes. I like the combination of metallic base and glitters in this one, it added a little extra something beyond your normal silver metallic polish.




Christmasgram is a holographic maroon polish with gold holo glitter. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat. I love the combination of holo and gold glitters! Formula for this one was a dream, even with all the glitter. Application was smooth and easy to control. It dries in about 15 minutes to a slightly textured finish due to all the glitter. 1 coat of topcoat smooths it out. This sparkly polish was another favorite from this collection.

Ho Ho Holo



Ho Ho Holo is a dark red scattered holographic. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat. This polish has an easy to use, smooth formula. It dries in about 5 minutes. I have no issues to report with this beautiful red.

Santa? I KNOW him!




Santa? I KNOW him is a cherry red linear holographic. You get an extra swatch pic because I felt the different angle showed the holo flame of a bit better. Swatches are 3 coats with topcoat. I would call this one a jelly, it was sheer on the 1st coat, opaque on the 3rd. Formula was smooth and easy to apply. It dried in about 5 minutes.

Overall, I liked that this collection had several different shades and finishes in traditional holiday colors, there's a little something for almost everyone. The glitters are all super sparkly, but can be a little messy during clean up because there's a tendency for there to be glitter everywhere. I used a latex barrier around my cuticles when swatching to help with that issue. Another option is to wait until the polish is dry and then gently brush of the errant glitters under warm water.

The polishes will be available at on Dec 4 at noon EST. They will be $6 for the mini 6ml bottles and $10 for the 12ml full size bottles. The full collection will be available for a limited time for $50 for the mini set and $80 for the full size set.

You can find Turtle Tootsie Polish on Instagram and Facebook or join the FB fan group for all the latest swatches and info.

I received these polishes as press samples through the Nail Blogger Roundabout Program.
14 comments on "Turtle Tootsie Polish - Christmas 2015 Collection"
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  5. Ohhh great collection. Beautiful swatches nadia!

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