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B Polished Happy Holodays Collection

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Today I have swatches and a review of the new indie nail polish brand B Polished. This brand was recently created by blogger Francine of The Polished Mommy. The collection includes 6 colors that are perfect for the holidays and year round.

1st of all we have to talk about packaging. Francine is an experienced blogger and really knows how to make an awesome swatch package. Opening this box was like getting a Christmas present. Included were all 6 polishes and the new Prism Shield topcoat which doesn't dull holos.

I received these polishes through the Nail Blogger Roundabout, which is a service where the maker sends one package and it gets shared among 4 bloggers. The samples are then randomly awarded to one of the bloggers when everyone is done swatching. This means that there's a good change I won't get to keep any of these polishes. Knowing that, Francine included extra goodies and a personalized card for each of us, which I thought was a super nice touch.

I got a cool holo magnet which is now proudly stuck on my Helmer and a mini sample size of the Make It Dry quick dry drops. These drops are amazing! Combined with the Prism Shield topcoat and the drops, all my swatches were dry in about 5 minutes. The drops help to hydrate your cuticles as well with jojoba and coconut oils. I'll definitely be getting a fulll size of these soon. 

The last thing I want to mention before moving on to the swatches is the actual bottles. They all have the colors swatched on top and sealed with a protective layer and the B Polished logo. How nifty is that?

Winter's Wonderland



Winter's Wonderland is a multichrome white textured crelly with red and white glass flecks, and holographic flakies. Swatch is 3 coats with Prism Shield topcoat. I found the fomula for this one to be a little thick. It's full of glitters and easier to apply using the dabbing method.

Bling in the New Year



Bling in the New Year is holographic gold with a variety of gold and holo flakies. Swatch is 3 coats with Prism Shield topcoat. I tried applying this like regular nail polish and it took 3 coats for me to achieve full opacity. I also found the formula for this one a little thick because of all the glitters and flakies.

Silver Bells a Blinging



Silver Bells a Blinging is the silver counterpart to Bling in the New Year. It has silver and holographic glitters in a silver holo base. I absolutely love this one. Swatch is 2 coats with Prism Shield topcoat. I found that 1 coat of this was thin enough to use as a topper over other colors as well. Formula for this one was smooth and easy to apply. I brushed on the 1st layer and dabbed on the 2nd layer to reach opacity in only 2 coats.

The following 3 holos were photographed with direct lighting using a daylight bulb, to try and capture the holo flash better. I normally use a daylight bulb and an Ottlite bulb.

December Baby




December Baby is holographic blue that shifts to purple in certain angles. Swatch is 3 thin coats with Prism Shield topcoat. I couldn't capture the shift well but it's there. You can see it a bit in the macro, near the top left corner. This one was another favorite, the formula is smooth and easy to apply. It didn't stain my cuticles or nails.

Boughs of Holo




Boughs of Holo is a metallic foil green with a holographic finish. Swatch is 2 thin coats with Prism Shield topcoat. Formula and application for this one are smooth and easy, no visible brushstrokes. The holo isn't as strong as in December Baby but it still sparkles.

Red-y for the Holodays




Red-y for the Holodays is a metallic holographic red. Swatch is 2 coats with Prism Shield topcoat. It would have almost been 1 coat if I had applied it thicker. This polish has a smooth, excellent formula, super easy to apply and control. I did have minor staining on dry cuticles during clean up with acetone. I went over the areas with non-acetone remover and they came right out. There was no staining when I removed the actual polish though. This polish was another favorite, it has a bright glow to it with holographic sparkle.

Overall this was an excellent collection from B Polished and I'm very excited to see what the future has in store for this new brand.

Normal retail is $10 for 13ml full size bottles and $55 for the 6 piece collection at under the "Store" tab. The Happy Holodays Collection is currently on sale at $8 for the individual bottles and $50 for the whole collection including the Prism Shield topcoat during the month of December.

You can keep up to date with the latest from B Polished through The Polished Mommy's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest; as well as B Polished's Instagram.

8 comments on "B Polished Happy Holodays Collection "
  1. Great holiday collection. I love Bling On The New Year best!

  2. These are gorgeous!! She's doing such a lovely job!

  3. They all are lovely, but the white and blue are my favorites :)

  4. Love all of these, beautiful swatches x

  5. The Roundabout is an awesome idea! And this collection is so darn gorgeous!

  6. This collection was my first order from the brand - love them!

  7. The Roundabout is a pretty neat idea! This polishes are so pretty!

  8. Love the packaging and those polishes are very pretty!


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