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Bad Bitch Polish - Indie Cremes

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bad Bitch Polish is expanding her line of indie cremes. I got 3 of them to show you guys today. All of them have super smooth formulas and excellent coverage. Check out below or click "Read More" for the review.

16 Again





16 Again is a bright Barbie pink. Swatch is 2 coats with topcoat. It dries to a shiny finish on it's own, I add topcoat to help speed up the drying time. It's not a neon, so no chalky or streaky formula to deal with, just a super smooth creme. It is very pigmented, almost a 1 coater. It needed the 2nd coat to just even it up to a nice, smooth finish.

Green-eyed Monster





Green-eyed Monster is a fresh green creme. Swatch is 2 coats. It also dries to a super shiny finish on it's own. I did not use topcoat for this swatch. Formula is smooth and creamy. 2 coats for a perfect coverage. No staining of skin or nails with this green.

Yes, Mistress





Yes, Mistress is a deep blood red creme. Swatch is 2 coats with topcoat. This polish is also very pigmented and almost crelly like. The 1st coat feels almost like a very pigmented jelly, it's not patchy or translucent yet it has a very squishy feel to it. The 2nd coat deepens the color to a darker red. The formula is smooth and easy to apply. I did not have any staining of my skin or nails with this red either.

Since these cremes are very pigmented I tested their stampability and I'm happy to report that they do work.

I tested these with the Creative Shop Space Collection stamper in white with purple shimmer. I used an image from UberChic plate 1-02.

These polishes will be available on BBP new site: (the url previously rerouted you to the Etsy site) and on the Etsy shop. They will be $9.50 for full size and $4.50 for the minis. Check out BBP on Instagram and Facebook for the latest info and swatches. You're also welcome to join the fan group, Bad Bitch Polish Addicts and be the 1st to know about sales, new releases, restocks, and share your Bad Bitch Polish manis.

12 comments on "Bad Bitch Polish - Indie Cremes"
  1. Uhh two coats on that green and no staining? AND it stamps?? What is this madness! Going to buy immediately. :) Great post!

  2. I love when cremes stamp. These are great colors but that makes them even better in my opinion.

  3. I absolutely love Green Eyed monster! What a beautiful shade of green :)

  4. I love the pink & green. They'd make an excellent combo!

  5. I love that these stamp!

  6. I just found your blog from Lavish Layerings and I'm a new follower. These polishes are gorgeous and they have great names! Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are all beautiful and I love how nicely they stamp, that is always a plus with a creme polish!

  8. Gorgeous smooth creams!! Green eyed monster is beautiful!

  9. That is awesome that these stamp!

  10. I want to see these all smooshed together in a marble!! Stunning!

  11. Super pretty. Love 16 Again and great that they stamp too x

  12. Thank you for checking stampability! I was looking for that info specifically!


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