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Clear Jelly Stampers Review & Comparisons

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Today I have a review and comparison of 3 different types of clear jelly stampers. I have the Original Clear Jelly Stamper in the purple holder, the new Messy Mansion squishy clear stamper and the Wildflowers Nail Academy clear stamper, both in translucent frosted holders. Click on "read more" or scroll below for the review.


Original Clear Jelly Stamper


The Original Clear Jelly Stamper was the 1st one to come on the market. It's firm and very delicate. This is actually my 2nd stamper head for this stamper because one of my kids (no one is admitting fault) destroyed the 1st one. You can purchase this stamper here: "Ultra Violet Stamper". They ship from Canada and that can end up being pricey for US customers. I got mine as part of a group buy in order to help lower that cost.

Wildflowers Nails


The 2nd clear stamper I purchased was from Wildflowers Nails Academy. You can find it here:"Clear Stamper". Wildflowers Nails is the nail art school created by Lauren Wireman. They offer a variety of classes for nail professionals, including stamping. In addition to the stamper, Wildflowers offer two stamping plates designed by Lauren. I purchased one of them and will be showing it to you guys in an upcoming review. It has gorgeous images. This stamper is squishy, slightly sticky, and not as delicate as the OCJS.

Messy Mansion 


The 3rd stamper I purchased was from Messy Mansion. I'm a big fan of MM stamper heads, they are some of the best ones I own so I knew this one wouldn't disappoint. You can purchase that one here: "Crystal Stamper". This stamper is also squishy and not as delicate. It doesn't feel sticky but it is just a tad squishier than the Wildflowers Nails stamper. If you have other MM heads then this one is similar to the green or yellow sets in terms of squishyness.

Using the stampers 

As you can see from the pictures, all of these stampers have excellent pickup. They do have a slight learning curve in order to use them properly. You have to do a quick yet light rolling motion over the image. Personally, I found the technique that worked the best for me was to roll and quickly lift up. It sounds weird when I explain but you can see me use this technique in my YouTube videos.

Another issue I've encountered with all 3 of these stampers is that I can't use my more opaque stamping polishes like M Polish Cayuga, with them. They only pick up a partial image. However, I get excellent pick up with thinner polishes, like M Polish Starflower, or regular nail polishes. Both frosted stampers came with a hard scraper, I don't like that style so I didn't use it. I prefer thin, flexible, credit card like scrapers for stamping.

One of the great things about this type of stamper, other than the fact that you can see through it, is the ability to dry stamp. Dry stamping is when you can still transfer the image to your nails even after the polish has dried on the surface of the stamp. Originally, I thought only the OCJS worked for this technique. However, while filming my video review I actually had to let the polish dry on all the stampers while I painted my nails and then went to attend to my toddler. I came back to finish the video about 20 minutes later and was able to stamp.

Here's how they stamped on my nails.




As you can see they all stamped really well on my nails. The only issue with the OCJS is that since it's very firm, you have to roll it side to side and that can mess up straight lines if you're not careful. Since I was recording the video review it's actually hard to see what I'm doing since I'm looking at my camera and not at my actual nails. It's also harder to use on super curvy nails, although not impossible since you can squish it a bit, you just need to be really gentle.

These stampers don't need to be primed or buffed. I just washed mine with dish soap and they were ready to use. I clean them with tape. I did have to give the OCJS one very, very, light and quick swipe with acetone because it wasn't picking up at all.

For this review, I used SinfulColors Snow Me White and MoYou London Hipster 06 to stamp with.

Finally, you can find the video review here:

I suggest watching it since you'll get a better idea of how I roll the stampers and how squishy they are.

I hope this review was helpful if you're trying to decide which stamper to buy. I don't have the ones from AliExpress or Born Pretty Store to compare, but I've read they are similar to the Messy Mansion one for the most part. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see a more in depth review on technique with these stampers. 

16 comments on "Clear Jelly Stampers Review & Comparisons"
  1. Messy mansion is my favorite stamper, so I'm leaning toward that one. Thanks for comparing! Makes it so much easier to choose a clear stamper!

  2. I like the look and the function of clear jelly stampers, thanks for the comparison!

  3. I've been wanting to pick up one of these stampers, so I appreciate the post comparing them!

  4. Great comparison post, love my clear jelly stampers x

  5. They all seem to work pretty well! I recently got the clear stamper from Born Pretty Store to review, haven't tried it yet though

  6. Great review! They look amazing!

  7. I need to try a clear stamper so this review is perfect, timing-wise.

  8. This is really helpful, thanks for doing it! I bought the one from Born Pretty Store but have not tried it yet.

  9. Great review! I was under the impression the clear stampers were all the same and just being resold, regardless I love mine though, it came from Cosette Nail shop.

    1. From what I understand, the Original came up with the idea and the Chinese resellers copied it. As for the other stampers, I don't know if they are being made by one company and then distributing them or what. I do know that the maker of the original is the process of patenting her design and she has some people that are official resellers.

  10. Great review! I love my original cjs! The rest all seem to be the same. I'm obsessed and need them all though :) lol

  11. I'm so suprised no one has thought of the clear stamper until now. I don't stamp much, but this is a great review. I definitely thought they were all the same. I'm thinking ishould go with a squishy-er one since my nails are so curved.

  12. Someone sent me a clear stamper as a gift, but I'm still so intimidated by stamping. I tried a couple times and just got frustrated trying to find a polish that would work well with it. I need to grow some balls already and try to get back into it.

  13. Thanks for this review! I've been thinking about getting one and I wasn't even aware of a shop in Canada that sold them!


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