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Cozy Sweater Nail Stamping Tutorial

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's been a cold week in FL, especially for me since I'm used to really warm temperatures. Currently it's been in the mid 50s as the high, vs the typical January high of mid 80s in PR. Florida's current highs are the same as PR's record lows, only in the mountains, and only at night. I mention all that so my cold weather friends and followers don't laugh at me. Anyway....I made some easy sweater nails. I've seen these done with hard gels but I figured I could easily replicate the look with stamping.


For this look I started off with a base of Essie Chinchilly, then I sponged on Bettina Stiletto and Orly Frosting for depth and to add some subtle shimmer. To stamp with I used my Original Clear Jelly Stamper and Bettina Clouds as my stamping polish. The stamping image is from MoYou London Pro 01. I really wanted a soft, simple, cozy look and overall I'm happy with this design.

Video Tutorial

Here's a tutorial for the stamping. I recorded the 1st steps to create the background but had technical issues when editing. (AKA, something went wrong and now that video clip is corrupted and won't play so I can't edit it. This keeps happening to me, I need a better software. Why can't PCs use iMovie!!! Gah!!!)

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7 comments on "Cozy Sweater Nail Stamping Tutorial"
  1. I love the look of this! It's subtle but very pretty!

  2. Very pretty mani! I love subtle stamping.

  3. It's a new climate, so of course it is different. Hopefully you'll get used to the cold at some point. Although I've lived with cold weather most of my life and I HATE it so that doesn't stop. Love this look. Super cute!

  4. Gosh! This is so pretty!

  5. Beautiful and delicate x

  6. So cozy! And I'm used to this climate of the southern U.S. and I'm still cold in the 50's. ;)

  7. I love this! Definitely cozy!


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