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Pretty & Polished - Ariana's Wish

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Today I have swatches of a very special custom polish from Pretty & Polished. It's a purple to pink scattered holographic thermal that Chelsea made for my daughter Ariana. Check below for all the pictures and the story.

The Story

Back in September, my daughter asked if she could write a short nail polish review on my FB. She was really proud of her latest manicure and wanted to share her thoughts. She was wearing Pretty & Polished That's Crantastic and was amazed at the color changing aspect of the thermal. I tagged Chelsea so she could see how cute Ariana's review was. I added that Ariana told me while I was painting them that she wished there was a color that was just like that one but changed from pink to purple because those are her favorite colors. I let Chelsea know that if she ever made a thermal like that I would buy it right away.

In October I was opening swatch mail from Chelsea and in addition to a cancer care package for my mom there was a special bottle labeled "For Ariana". It was a sparkly purple to pink thermal called "Ariana's Wish". That was a day I'll never forget. I felt really touched. I recorded a video of Ariana saying thanks and painting her nails and sent it to Chelsea. It's become her favorite polish.

I really wanted to properly swatch it, not as a way to show off but because it was so beautiful and such a meaningful gift that I felt it deserved to be showcased.  So here is Ariana's Wish.

The Swatches













The polish starts out as purple when cold and changes to a bright pink when warm. I wore it for three days when I swatched it and the transition happened easily on it's own throughout the day. The temperature was maybe around mid 60s at the time, so it doesn't need extreme temps to change. Swatches are all 2 coats plus topcoat for shine because it dried matte. The holographic shimmer is subtle but very sparkly in the sunlight, I couldn't get it to photograph properly as it looked mostly like silver glitter with my lights.

Although I already thanked her privately, I really want to thank Chelsea publicly. This polish really was a true random act of kindness, it's become our most prized polish in our collections (she has a small stash of her own). Thank you Chelsea!

9 comments on "Pretty & Polished - Ariana's Wish"
  1. Chelsea I just awesome! ! Your pics are fantastic love!!

  2. Chelsea I just awesome! ! Your pics are fantastic love!!

  3. This is a lovely polish, but the story behind it makes it even better! Chelsea was so sweet to make Adriana a special polish!

  4. This is the perfect thermal!

  5. For a second there I thought you had painted the swatches on Ariana's hands! I'm remembering her fingers from the first video/review and her hands are similar to ours I guess, I hadn't thought of that before. I love your pictures here, I can see more of the holo on the pink, it's not just silvery, for me anyway. It's a gorgeous polish!

  6. What a beautiful story and how sweet. This polish is beautiful x

  7. Such a fun polish! Love. :)


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