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Orly In the Mix (Partial) Swatches and Nail Art

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I purchased 3 colors from the Orly Fall 2015 collection called In the Mix a few months ago. I haven't come across many reviews actually talking about the formula so I wanted to swatch them and share my thoughts. I also did some nail art and there's a link to the video tutorial below.


The Orly In the Mix collection consisted of 6 colors, 5 cremes and a glitter. I was able to find 3 of the colors I was most interested in at Sallys on clearance a couple of months ago, so I picked them up. First of all, they all suffered from ugly bottle syndrome. Aka, the sinking white pigment at the bottom. For my pictures, I left these bottles upside down for days and then  rolled them and tried my hardest to get them to mix. The color inside is largely unaffected by this, but it looks ugly in pictures and if you keep the bottles on a display shelf.

Second, they all had a the same weird formula. It's not a real creme, it's not a crelly. They dry to a slightly satin finish, almost like highly pigmented neons. They are very patchy in the 1st coat, even sheer and jelly like without being squishy, but at the same time very bright. I needed 3 coats for most of them.



Off Beat, purple/magenta. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat. It was honestly still a little patchy and some nails could have used a 4th coat but...nope, that's overkill. It's a similar shade to the countless of neon magenta purples that come out every year. For example, Essie DJ Play that Song (old swatch of that one). It's not exactly the same, but also not unique enough that one should feel the need to have it.


Midnight Show. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat. This one had the most jelly like consistency, instead of looking patchy it looks more like a sheer jelly near my cuticles and sidewalls, while still being super pigmented. This did not stain my skin or nails and the sinking white pigment was not as bad.


Indie. Swatch is 2 coats with topcoat. In terms of the way it looks on my nails and application, this was my favorite. It's the most creme-like. However, the sinking pigment was the worst in this one and it did stain my skin blue when I removed it. I had to scrub for a while with whitening toothpaste. Which is a shame, because it's a beautiful color.

Nail Art



I'm honestly not sure if I'll bother using these to paint my nails as a single color again.  I have similar colors that are less of a hassle to use and I'm past that crazy obsessed "got to have them all" phase of nail polish collecting. However, they are still bright and pigmented enough to use in lots of nail art. So I did a simple dry brush mani with them. This look I really liked.


If you want to see the tutorial you can watch it here:

Thoughts? Do you have any of these shades? If so, did you have similar issues?

12 comments on "Orly In the Mix (Partial) Swatches and Nail Art"
  1. Great review and swatches. I love that blue! I agree with you about probably having similar colors already.

  2. great post and review. I saw these at Sally's too and noticed the ugly bottle syndrome as well. I like the colors much better in your photos. :-)

  3. Great review with good perspective. I don't really buy mainstream polish.

  4. I love your dry brush mani, looks fantastic!

  5. I love the nail art you did with these.

  6. Loooove these three shades!! And rhetoric mani is awesome! Great job!

  7. Loooove these three shades!! And rhetoric mani is awesome! Great job!

  8. A lot of my Orly cremes do suffer from ugly bottle syndrome as well but your swatches and nail art are beautiful!

  9. That last colour is beautiful ♡

  10. That dry bush mani makes up for all the issues! It's gorgeous!

  11. I love the dry brush but agree with you on the swatches.

  12. Your dry brush mani looks amazing! I agree with you about probably having similar colors!


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