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Pretty & Polished Valentines Day Duo

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pretty & Polished released an LE Valentine's Duo of thermal holo glitters. There are only 100 bottles of each color made and amazingly, as of the day I'm writing this, they are still in stock. I know the holiday has already passed but we're still in February so bear with me. They both are amazing polishes with wonderful formulas, check below for swatches and the review!

Candy Kiss





Candy Kiss is a light pink to gray thermal holographic glitter polish. Swatch is 3 thin coats with 2 thin coats of Pretty & Polished Swift Sparkle topcoat for shine and to smooth them out a bit. This polish is full of glitters and dries to a slightly matte, textured finish, similar to the Zoya Pixie Dusts. Application is easy and smooth. Candy Kiss changes from a light pink when cold to a gray when warm. When I swatched and wore it, the temps outside were in the mid 40s, with my indoor temp set to low 70s. In those conditions it mostly lingered in an in between stage, a sorta light grayish pink. The thermal shift is very subtle.

Bleeding Hearts






Bleeding Hearts is a red thermal glitter holographic. It changes from a cherry red when warm to a darker raspberry red when cold. Swatch is 3 coats with 2 thin coats of Swift Sparkle topcoat. This polish also dries to a slightly textured, matte finish. Application is easy and smooth. Out of the 2, this one was my favorite. It's actually become my favorite red. I love seeing it shift from one shade to the other. In the 40 degree Florida winter it would react as soon as I stepped outside and change back once I was inside, so it doesn't need extreme winter temps to change. In addition, the holo was super sparkly in the sun, especially in the cold stage.

I highly recommend picking these up before they are gone for good.

I purchased thes myself, you can find them here: Pretty & Polished Valentine's Day Duo.

10 comments on "Pretty & Polished Valentines Day Duo"
  1. Bleeding Hearts is my favorite. It's so pretty and I love both shades of the thermal!

  2. Bleeding Hearts is so pretty. Nice shift!

  3. Bleeding Hearts is so beautiful! That is my favorite.

  4. The lilac is so delicate and love the rich pink. Super pretty swatches x

  5. Thermal glitters! You know the way to my heart. :-) Beautiful swatches and review of two polishes I'm unable to pick a favorite of because they're both lovely.

  6. Beautiful swatches! I love the shift on both of those!

  7. They're both so pretty!

  8. These are both beautiful!

  9. I adore both shades! Great review!


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