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Untried Indies - Different Dimension Keep Urchin Up

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Today I bring you another polish in my untried indies stash. I've had this for over a year and a half, just gathering dust. Yikes. It's Different Dimension's Keep Urchin Up from the summer 2014 Sea You On The Other Side collection. When I bought it, I remember asking my hubby for advice. At the time I was working as a real estate agent and I wasn't sure if I would have the guts to wear this to a showing, or have the time to wear it in my "free time" if it wasn't appropriate! Oh how things have changed. Now I think this one is actually pretty tame. Anyway, more swatches, links to video swatch, and super easy nail art below!



Keep Urchin Up is a soft lilac crelly with blue and neon pink glitters. Swatch is 3 coats using the dab method. I always apply my crellies and chunky glitters this way. 1st coat is thin, 2nd thicker coat is dabbed on, 3rd final coat is thin to seal and smooth. I topped it with HK Girl Topcoat for a smooth and shiny finish. The formula on this one is perfection, easily self levels, the glitters lay flat and smooth within the base and are evenly distributed. It dries to a slightly bumpy texture from some of the larger glitters, but it's not a textured or gritty feel. One thick coat or 2 thin ones of your favorite topcoat will easily smooth it out. After 24 hours of wear I have 0 chips and only very minor tip wear on some nails. *Note* Even though it was opaque for me in 3 coats, if you have long nails you might have some sight visible nail line.

Nail Art



I did some really simple floral nail art with YouPolish stencils. I used the Mum Flower Stencils. I also used Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Vigorous Violet. I love YouPolish stencils and vinyls, they are super easy to use and she has a ton of great options to choose from, plus shipping is free. SH Vigorous Violet is an even older polish, a one coat purple with pretty blue shimmer, perfect for stamping and vinyls. My bottle is almost gone, I gave it a good shake so it would look fuller before snapping the picture above. Might need to get a backup or find a similar indie replacement. Here's an old swatch and post about it. (Click on that link for a fun throwback and to see my nubby nails when I first started! That was my very 1st month of blogging.)

Video Swatch and Nail Ar Tutorial

Here's the link to the video swatch so you can see how I apply it, what the formula is like and how super easy the nail art is!
I purchased this polish from It's no longer available but you might be able to find it in the secondary market.

So, that's it! My oldest is on spring break this week which means double the work for me. I'm not sure how many posts I'll get up but I'll try to keep it at my 2 post minimum at least. I've also got another drs appointment this week, which  depending on the outcome, I might eventually write about in a future "my nails and my" post. I'm having some diagnostic testing done and I'm really anxious about it.  And in my last bit of news, I'm going to be destashing some of my unloved indies and mainstream polishes. I'm still working on getting the page up, brands will include Fair Maiden Polish, Pahlish, Painted Sabotage, Arcane Lacquer, Essie, OPI, and a few of the Puerto Rican brands Bettina and Colorina, among others.

11 comments on "Untried Indies - Different Dimension Keep Urchin Up"
  1. This is such a pretty shade, and I love the nail art you did with it!

  2. The stencils you did with this are perfect!

  3. This is a great look! I love the Different Dimensions polish, it looks like candy.

  4. Such a pretty girly mani. Love it ♡

  5. Beautiful mani! Thats a beautiful polish too.

  6. I love that crelly! Big hugs to you, I hope your tests come out with the results you want! <3

  7. Perfect combo with the stencil!

  8. This is a really gorgeous polish, very different. Love the nail art you did over it.

  9. I adore this mani. Beautiful stamping job. I'm loving your nail shape!

  10. If you EVER, EEVVERRR think of selling this, I will happily take it. This is PERFECTION! Oh my.


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