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Nail Hoot The Beginning (partial) Swatches & Review

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I've really been liking the polishes that Nail Hoot has been making lately so I got a few back in January (before the no buy began). I wanted to swatch and review them so I decided to just start with the Beginning collection. Not only are these the first polishes that Nail Hoot released but they are also inspired by the first five books of the Bible, which I found interesting. I didn't get all 5, I got the 3 that have multichrome properties so I have swatches of Genesis, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy to share after the break.

Overhead fluorescent lights
Daylight bulb
Genesis is a blue-teal-purple multichrome polish with holographic glitter. Swatch is 2 coats over black with topcoat. I took these pictures with my Samsung Galaxy S6 and I'm going to tell you why. In terms of how it looks on the bottle, Genesis had the strongest multichrome shift of the 3. The formula was smooth and easy to apply, but it was very sheer. I wore it as a regular mani before I swatched it and it took 4 coats to achieve the opaque look I wanted. At 2-3 coats the base color looks more teal, but I wanted to bring out the intense dark blue to purple shift. I photographed it with my camera but I could not get a good picture of the shift. So I re-swatched it, this time over black in order to intensify the dark blue, and I captured better on my phone. Swatches are in different lighting, check the captions for each. It was one of those polishes that looks amazing in real life but proved darn near impossible to capture accurately.





Leviticus is a pink-orange-reddish orange multichrome with holographic glitter. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat. This polish glows! I don't own a lot of oranges because I don't like the way they look on me. However, I was blown away by how pretty it was. I don't know if it was the pinkish part of it or what but I ended up loving this one. It was like a fiery sunset on my fingers. The shift was incredibly easy to photograph with my camera and usual light setup. Formula is a nice consistency, easy to apply and quick drying. It dries textured from all the glitters but it smooths out with topcoat.





Deuteronomy is a purple-blue multichrome with holographic glitter. Swatch is 3 coats with topcoat. This polish was a little trickier than Leviticus to photograph but not as hard as Genesis. I made a video tutorial for some nail art with it as a base, and you can see the polish shift as I move my nail. Formula was more opaque than Genesis, but not as much as Leviticus. I did not need a black or dark purple base to reach opacity but I am curious as to how it would look. It was also easy to apply and quick drying. It dries textured but smooths out with topcoat.

Nail Art



I did some simple nail art with Deuteronomy as the base and Nail Hoot's Black Stamping Polish. I used UberChic plate 7-03 and the jumbo sticky stamper. I had minor issues with the combo of polish and stamper where the polish transferred to the stamper but dried so fast it didn't transfer all the intricate parts of the design on my nails. I need to try this polish with a non sticky and/or firmer stamper to see if it works better.


"Live" swatch of Deuteronomy so you can see the color shift and stamping here: 

Do you own any of these? What do you think of them? If anyone is interested in a more thorough review of the Black Stamping Polish, let me know.

15 comments on "Nail Hoot The Beginning (partial) Swatches & Review"
  1. *drool* multi chrome with holographic particles.. *drool*

  2. These are gorgeous, Deuteronomy is definitely my favorite. Loving the nail stamping really makes the multi chrome pop :D x

  3. Genesis is really pretty! They look a little textured, is that from the glitter used?

  4. These all look beautiful, and I am in awe of your stamping! Awesome job!

  5. I have this collection before it was re-released as a holo. Pretty swatches.

  6. These look so pretty on you!

  7. Beautiful swatches. I love your new nail shape too!

  8. Love Genesis! Your stamping looks so good even gif you had problems with it.

  9. That blue is simply stunning. Beautiful swatches :)

  10. These are all beautiful and look gorgeous in you. And I feel the same way about orange polish, but you pulled this on off!

  11. Great stamping and lovely swatches!

  12. Your nail art is phenomenal! I love the shift!

  13. The nail art you did with this is gorgeous!


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